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Poor mobile coverage, can I cancel?

I moved to Orange recently and the coverage both at my work (a College of all places, you would expect them to cover a place like that) and the partners place is absolutely non-existent. As 95% of my waking life is spent at those two places it's really causing me problems.

Is there grounds for cancellation considering my phone is rendered useless most of the time? It's not as though I get intermittent useage, it's 'No Network' all the time so I can't even send or receive text messages.

I would also like to check the postcodes on the Orange coverage site but it won't work for me at all, anyone else get it working?


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If you've had it less that 14 days you can cancel anyhow.
Don't get me started with these gimps! I've been having an ongoing saga with Orange for 4 months now whereby the reception in my area has become quite poor. Orange however would not see that as grounds for cancellation as their T&C's state they will 'try' and provide you with a service.

2 letters later to their complaints department and an abrupt call from their Exec team means that I am now sending my handset back 6 months early and am allowed to come out of my contract no charges! You have nothing to lose by trying but its been a long battle and I had exhausted all other routes!
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Orange, proper losers them lot, my brother in law was once manager of one of the stores in Edinburgh but left as they are hopeless, i cant believe it's 95%coverage, to be honest and without a word of lie, id say 95% of people i know on orange DONT have coverage, and isnt orange widely regarded as the most expensive network?

All very well signing up for a contract getting a new handset every year but when it doesnt fricking work then......pffffttt
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im on them at the mo temporarily, my signal is strong at home but often drops completely for a few minutes at a time. annoying as fuk!
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is voda good then? cos im tempted to go with them, altho from experience o2 have always been the best iv had. i was on voda about 8 year back
  Fabia vRS
Adams_16v said:
is voda good then? cos im tempted to go with them, altho from experience o2 have always been the best iv had. i was on voda about 8 year back

voda is the only one that recieves at my house.

i've been with them for around 9 years now.
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i disagree actually i'm with orange and they#ve given me the best customer experience ive ever had and i've been with pretty much all the networks. now i do live in london which may explain why i have good network coverage but in general, they're cheaper than a lot of other networks (the newer deals are anyway) and they've been awesome with me.