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Poorboys Blackhole

  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
Never used this before...

How do you go about using it lol?


Or have i got that wrong :s



  RB 182 Cup
Its a glaze, so it has no polishing ability or protection.

So put it between a polish and a wax/sealant.
Its pretty good stuff masking light swirls if you dont have a machine polisher.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Will SRP before be any benefit? I'd always assumed that Blackhole would replace the SRP stage?
  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
I dont even know tbh...

Thats why im asking lol..

Going to tackle it today, washed it yesterday sitting in the garage waiting for the rest
Unless you are going to really work the SRP, I wouldn't bother personally.

I've used its counterpart, Poorboys Diamond White, which is great on lighter cars.

Either machine polish it and glaze if necessary, or don't polish at all and glaze! :)
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
If you're applying by hand and the cars in fair condition then maybe skip the SRP and go straight to glaze. If you were willing to work the SRP well to try and get the benefit of its cleaning and very mild abrasive then it would be worth doing both.

SRP does have a very mild cleaning ability that will help create a better base than the glaze for the wax and glaze to sit upon, so depends on the state of the car really
  BMW E46 330i Touring
That's what I thought; you'll have to really work the SRP to get it to correct. You'd be better off using something like P1 if correction is needed instead of just filling.


ClioSport Club Member
  Arctic 182, GTD
I've always used black hole then nattys blue, one of the best combos I think, haven't found a better one yet.