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Porsche engined Fiat 500

  Fabia VRS & Yeti
I don't know if this has been posted before but I did search first!
Whilst in Italy on holiday last month my uncle was telling me about a bloke he knows who is a tractor mechanic who has built a Fiat 500 with a flat six Porsche engine (not sure from what model)that has been in loads of magazines. It is even 'omologato' (homologated) which means it has been approved for road use which isn't common in Italy as they are not really allowed to modify their cars.
The bloke was really chuffed we'd heard about it and got it out a ran it up!
What was even more interesting was the Ferrari 328 V8 engine they were all standing round talking about when we walked in the warehouse!
He then showed led us down the road to a bodyshop where a bloke was working on the body shell...
I'm going back in May, I'll try to visit him again and get an update!


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  Fabia VRS & Yeti
The body for the Ferrari engined 500


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  Fabia VRS & Yeti
Lovely! Nice find.

Just a shame it doesn't have period style wheels.
My uncle almost hugged him being a 500 afficionado,
I almost slapped him for putting TSW's on it:banghead:
I hope they are just 'weekday wheels' or something!
I can't wait to see his next creation, I told him he's got untill may!
That one cost him circa 10k euros, he's done 30 on the 328 engined beast already! The bodyshell is a work of art!