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Posting Photos!!!

Im going a wee bit mental here!!:confused:

How do you post pix!! Ive got them hosted, click the little Pix button, put in the address and it appears in the preveiw window fine. Click post and that little red x appears!!

Ive tried 2 hosting sites, Ive typed, copied as text, copied as shortcut, copied the sh*te in the adress bar as the address. All work in the preveiw window but none as a post!!



You do not have permission to get URL /users/aeb34050/bc/Yahoo!+Photo+Album/Pics+of+Me+and+my+mates/140mph!!!.jpg?bcD0 from this server.

i get this when pasting the url u put for the pic in another web browser.
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They usually work for me, post the link and ill try it. Then we can determin if its your pc or the image that is causing the problem!



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The problem may be that the pictures are being hosted on sites like yahoo that you need to be logged in to view them.
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E.G jpg and not JPG

i host my own, not incredibly fast but unless you have a really big pic to get you wont notice the speed. Its not exactly a high usage server! :D
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Its nothing youre doing wrong guys!! Those hosting sites exist for a reason - commerce. They wont let you look at the pics other than through their own pages. If you use your ISP personal web space itll work no problem, but the commercial ones want you to look at their adverts etc so they prohibit external access to the pics.
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if anyone wants a file hosting, email it me and tell me the thread and ill post it up, or i can provide you with the URL