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Powder coaters/Wheel refurbs around Lancashire?

Sorry to post in the meets section, just looking for some local advice.

Does anyone know any well priced powder coaters or wheel refurbishes? Preferably north of Manchester and as close to Blackburn/Preston as possible.

Just need a set of steelies doing, so nothing fancy.

Cheers :)
  2002 clio 172
Ahhh. They expensive compared to everyone else? They were recommended by a mate so I didn't really shop around. I assumed he would have done that before he got his done.
  2002 clio 172
It was a long time ago now but it was £200 plus £20 to have the centre caps wet sprayed
oh right. so £270 i paid a few months ago isnt really that bad. going off a comment on here i thought id paid well over the odds. thanks.