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Project Daily

  Clio mk2
Right... after lurking these forums for god knows how long thought it's time to post up.

Owned now just over a year. 1.2 Extreme (totally extreme) model. Was sitting on 54k. Now just under 60k. Really nice car so far, no major problems so far. Flew through MOT recently with only tracking to do, which was then later ruined down the road by a massive pothole. F*ck Hull's roads.

Bog standard. First clean.


Then started buying stuff.

Aero Wipers.
Black diamond covers.
Pressed plates + covers (front not fitted yet).
Bluey sidelights, upgraded full & main beams.
Silver visions front and rear.
Stubby aerial.
Sport grille.
Tailored mats.
LED numberplate light.
New numberplate light housing.
3M headlight kit.
I'm sure there's more...

After a 8 hour cleaning sesh last summer. Still looking standard at this point as most bits hadn't been fitted then. Ergh.


Obligatory cat pic.

Lights under way...



Numberplate light.


Then recently some lovely lad decided to bump into me, at around 3mph... :/

Apparently his brakes weren't working well... Luckily for me the company he worked for paid for the back bumper to be resprayed. Also kind of got lucky as the back was already scratched at both sides when I bought it. Whilst it was in got a good deal for the plastics to be colour coded too.

Don't have good pics of it since its been done but will have to update soon.

Bought this the other day. Also have a 172 interior sitting in the garage. Unsure if to fit as of yet. Think I'm gonna need a new fog surround as looks a bit bodged. This will eventually get tidied up, sprayed and fitted. Well.. some of it, maybe not the skirts. Dunno.


Audio - booked in for the 23rd of this month. Amp, head unit, Vibe Black Air & tweeters, sound deadening.
More light upgrades (interior etc).
172 front and back to fit.
Interior plastic to spray.
Tidy bits.
Wheels refurbed. Maybe change.
Battery upgrade. One day.
Air filter.
Remove mudguards.
More colour coding.

  Clio mk2
Cheers, good point, forgot about the skirts!

Quick 2 hour clean yesterday.




The 2 French gals.

Fitted the front plate tonight. Decided that the front sport bumper wont be going on for a while, mainly due to money. Back bumper and colour code other bits first.



Before pic of the audio upgrade. Going in tomorrow for a full new system. Finally.

Also bought 2 new interior lights, air filter, and a brighter reversing light. Coming along now bit by bit.
  Clio mk2
Audio done, now stating to bed it in so can't really comment on quality yet. It also sort of all died after 2 days of getting it fitted, well I say died, basically power was there but no sound. Went back to the guys at Bass and they found the amps going into protect mode as the battery has no way near enough juice to handle it, so looks like a new one is defiantly needed asap. It's working for now after a boost but probably not for long.
Also fitted 2 LED lights into the interior and boot.

Crappy iphone pics here we goo.





Next up - battery and CS membership.


ClioSport Club Member
Let me know how much you want for your old radio.

Got a quote for spraying the sport kit yet? I'm looking at getting some sprayed soon.
  Clio mk2
I won't be selling bud, pretty much due to the fact when I do sell the car Ill probably put the old radio back in.

Not yet, I'm looking to get the 172 back bumper on and a few more bits colour coded June/July. It was around £110 for the side strips, front/back strips to be colour coded.
  Clio mk2
Long overdue update.

New battery now in.

Car recently had its service. Replaced the oil and fixed a cracked ABS ring as brakes were knocking. Also got them to fit the sport interior whilst in.

Before -

After -

Next was the second audio upgrade. Went back to the boys at Bass for 2 Black airs in the back and a 8 inch inPhase sub. Sounds 10x better now. For such a small sub too the power it has is amazing.



New plates & a 6 hour cleaning sesh -


Also bought some FK back lights off a lad named martin on here that should be here tomorrow. Might be able to get them fitted this weekend if I get time.

Next up.
Back 172 bumper & powerflow exhaust. Nothing daft as its a 1.2. Just summat with a tad more grunt. Colour coding the door handles, some bits inside and the wing mirrors.
  Clio mk2
Good news - FK lights on.
Also fitted one LED reverse bulb, need to buy one more.




Bad news - Now off back to the garage asap as the engine is spluttering/engine light on and has a complete loss of power. Fingers crossed it's not a big issue :/
  Clio mk2
Came back from the garage with the ignition coil fault. Apparently quite common.
4x new spark plugs and new coil fitted.

Blacked side repeaters fitted.


Coils arrived.

Big clean last weekend. Now completely filthy as driving over 200 miles this weekend visiting the folks.




Now for the biggie.
Booked in Wednesday for the suspension. Lowering about 40mm for now as have speed bumps en route to work. Could poss drop further in time.
Monday after - At the bodyshop for:
- 172 bumper to be sprayed/fitted.
- Powerflow exhaust (single tip/subtle)
- Door handles + wing mirror/surrounds colour coded
- Interior plastic strips (x2) sprayed black
- Back window wiper gromet sprayed black
- Boot button sprayed
- Clio badge (back) sprayed black

Will look to get the front/arches/skirts fitted next year sometime when saved up again. Plus will probably get more bits sprayed such as handles inside and the bonnet as that has a fair few scratches and chips. Only thing that lets the front down tbh.

Roll on 2 weeks time!
  Clio mk2
Coils fitted. Bit low on the back but will let it settle and see what happens. Cant raise it much at the back unfortunately due to the springs. Next Monday - bodyshop time. Busy busy!

  Clio mk2
Cheers man. They're off now :wink:

Picking her up tomorrow. Will get some better pics this weekend of the work done.


  Clio mk2
Quick clean today. Scuse crappy iphone pics.

Looks and sounds great. Really happy with the recent progress, exhuast isn't loud, nice and subtle.
Probably the last update (bar some sport mats I've just ordered) for a while as need to save up again.







  Clio mk2
Boringg. Quick clean. Soon shines up. All the work detailing in the summer payed off!



Bought these the other month. Will fit them around March as these cost way too much to see mucky shoes!

- Insurance next week D: Both cars coming to about £850. Will do a project thread of the other one, one day. Currently sitting in the garage awaiting a service and MOT next month. Doesn't see the winter.

- MOT next month.

- New shoes (+ spacers if needed). Currently topping the list at the mo -

15" Borbet RS

Still need to do a few more Photoshops and look at others. Always been a fan of Rotas. Not going the polished lip route. I've got polished ones on the Pug so don't have time to clean both. They're a nightmare! Look nice when you've spent 10000 hours cleaning them though. But a nightmare.

- Get the drums/calipers sprayed... black probably.

- Bonnet sprayed/get the small kinks out of it. Might get the inner door handles sprayed.. unsure. Boot badge sprayed to black.

- Refurbish standard wheels. Might go a slightly different colour.

- Get the center console wrapped or sprayed. Has a few 'flaky' patches.

- Fit the front bumper, skirts, arches... not 100% sure if I'll do this or when it'll be...

Roll on this year! Now just need that pay rise, hohoho...
  Clio mk2
Oh hai...
Scuse terribad quality picture. They look amazing in the flesh.
Bronze Grid 15s.


Trial fitting this weekend (weather dependent).
Now on the hunt for locking wheel nuts + covers.
  Clio mk2
Looking good dude! Love the wheels.
Cheers fella! Yeah I can't wait to get them on.

Right. Pretty unproductive and frustrating day.
Good bit = De-bobbled the seats. Got up quite a bit of crap.
Bad bit = When fitting the coilovers, the garage have obviously decided that when tightening wheel nuts its best to tighten them up so you can never undo them without a pissing airgun or whatever they've used. Front wheels weren't budging at all. Spent a hour on the back wheel as it ever so slightly budged but even then it was pointless.

*insert witty tighter than a ... pun here*

Then this happened..


Nice one.... -_- Decided to call it a day after that. Whacked my arm on the floor aswell when it snapped. Ow.

So here's the err.. trial fit picture... Not quite what I would have liked. Ill just have to take the wheels too the garage next month and tell them to do it instead. And not too tighten them up to hulk mode if they fit on OK without any work.



Back wheel seems to fit perfectly. Front will be lowered another 5 - 10mm.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Wheels should look good!

Is your socket bit the exact shape of the nut? should come out with a breaker bar.
  Clio mk2
Wheels should look good!

Is your socket bit the exact shape of the nut? should come out with a breaker bar.
Yeah it is. I had wondered if that would help. Shame I don't have one, might be worth getting to add to the collection.
  Clio mk2
Now have a breaker bar. Just need the socket bit to arrive now as I didn't have any 1/2 inchers in the collection. Hopefully try again this Saturday.

Got some shotgun shells to possssibly stick on the new wheels..

Saw this beauty Sunday morning at the mini garage in Hull. Guy soon came out and asked if I wanted a test drive. Literally had to run off before I said yes. Think I fell in love.

Had a word with the audio guys again about getting it booked in for the audio to be tested/finished. Needs to make sure all settings running as they should be etc. Also will be ordering a few samples in of some alcantara (not the real stuff tho!) and then looking to get the roof lining done, gear gator and handbrake for now.

Took her out for a few night shots the other night. Playing around with the new lens.
Clio 3 by Simon Hubbert, on Flickr
Clio 2 by Simon Hubbert, on Flickr
Clio 1 by Simon Hubbert, on Flickr

Booking in for MOT in next week or so.
  clio 172 cup
Lovin the car mate want to put a sub in mine but kind of pointless in a cup adding all that extra weight that renault have taken away
  Clio mk2
Lovin the car mate want to put a sub in mine but kind of pointless in a cup adding all that extra weight that renault have taken away
Cheers pal! Yeah, in the sport models I wouldn't but in this... weight isn't really an issue haha. I thought the sub would be heavier though, surprisingly not that bad.

Great project thread and some lovely additions.

That's s lovely little Clio you have there mate
Thanks man much appreciated. Glad to see people are liking it :)

Got a few new bits added to the collection.
Air impact 19mm.

Polarised wheel nuts + locking. Don't trust people.


Also got some lacquer for the cartridges.

Finally got one wheel off today. Finally. Breaker bar plus the socket, shifted the back drivers side. Test fitted. Didn't fit. Swore. Sulked. Remembered about the spigot ring (duh). Slapped myself. Tried again. All ok! Hoping the front fits on alreet too.
It's gonna need spacers which could be a pain and the rear drums are hideous as they'll now be on show more. Will need to get them sorted. Going black probably there.

Found a wheel weight on the drive today whilst cleaning it and also no wheel weights on the drivers side back. The snow/cold has killed them.
Was also planning to go to FCS and CSS this year. Plan was to get it all done for this year. Then found out Im on holiday for the first and at USC when CSS is on. F sake. Now got another year to get it ready for show season in 2016!

Booking the div in for its MOT either this week or next if they're booked up. Next update should be shexy ;)
  Clio mk2
Mot done. £130 lighter.

2 new front ball joints - 1 excessive, 1 slight play
Direction indicator had less than 50% illuminated light source.

She did well!

Sneaky pic of new wheels. Also lowered more at the front now. Can't get the centre caps on though as not enough room for them without spacers. Ghettto look it is.. Argh. Would finish them off so well. Oh well, now off too look for some and try and learn which ones Ill need!

Annoying bit - needs to go back as steering wheel isn't anywhere near centered when driving straight. Back for an alignment it goessss.
  Clio mk2
This looks brilliant mate
idd, nice daily
Thanks guys!

Wheels have transformed the car. Loving it!
Tyres are incredible. So grippy/planted and feels so responsive now. Made a massive difference, plus with the new suspension bits, so good! 10x better than before.

Had half day at work so decided to do a big first stage clean today.

Snow foamed.
Washed with AG.
Iron X'd. Don't really rate this.
Super swirl remover - Poorboys.
Autogylm Deep Shine or whatever its called - would prefer using PB Black Hole but using this up first.
Waxed. Some weird paste wax thing. Again would normally use PB but using this up.
Sealant - PB.
Glass - Comma.
Wheels - B&H then sealed with errr... something. Makes 'em super shiny.
Tyres - Some crap stuff to use up. Againnnnn would prefer to use meguiars which is amazing.
Started on the trim/plastic bits with Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel. Seems to be pretty good so far. Going round all the windows and stuff though so will take a while. Certainly blacks it all up.

Think that's it for now...

Will hopefully do the whole interior this weekend. Vacumming/rest of all the plastic bits/fabric cleaners/mats.
Also will do some proper measuring for spacers. From a quick measure it would be 25mm front, 20mm rear. But.. Do I change the front and bits to the sport version as well?! Decisions...


Kind of hard to see in these crappy pics but driver side seals not done...(trim gel)

Passenger done...

Spot the wheel..

I have too much sh*t. Starting to use bits up. The bits at the front hide so much more behind it lol.

Spot the cat..


On also off back to garage Monday for the alignment.
  Clio mk2
Sun was out so did the rest of the trims/plastic/interior etc today. It's probably the cleanest it's ever been.

Will edit up a few pictures later but for now these will do >

Frozen beading.

Short motorway journey equals, perfect! >

Supar shiny!
  Clio mk2
Mats in. Gonna regret putting them in early but too impatient.

New caps. Ignore the sexy drum :pensive:

Before people cry at the below..... :wink:.... don't worry it's only going to be used for long journeys/motorways. Bonnet is stone chipped to hell and the plan is for it to be resprayed so want to protect it as much as poss.

Clio mk2 - Front by Simon Hubbert, on Flickr

Clio mk2 - Back by Simon Hubbert, on Flickr

Still waiting on the alcantara samples plus getting the other front bumper/arches/skirt out the shed this Saturday to evaluate... and decide what to dooo.

If anyone has the arch liners for the 172 - front, for sale holla!
  Clio mk2
Really like the rims
Sooo a nice Car!
Thanks guys.

Looking good! Spacers will really finish it off
Yeah I'm looking forward to when i finally get them sorted. Can then finally get it sitting right.

Boring update.

1. Replaced the back bulb that failed the MOT.

2. Removed the front license holder as wasn't happy with the 'bucktooth' effect going on. Pressed plate hasn't been on long but must get some serious beating as it's marked in a few places, although I'm a OCD nightmare lol.


3. Bought some other goodies.
Removal things. Quite handy.

The below was supposed to be light smoke but looks pretty dark now its arrived. Will have a better look this weekend in the light. Bought it to have a play around with. Wouldn't mind darkening the fogs slightly but not daft. There's some other spray stuff that I got that should be arriving shortly.

  Clio mk2
Thanks guys :smile:

Just a quickie. Not much happening. Audio guys are very busy atm so car going back in to them has been delayed.
Had a very quick play with the spray/vinyl on my day off today. Vinyl wrap is deffo too dark but I think the spray when properly done will look spot on. Tested it one of the fogs from the 172 bumper and bar the bubbles, looks good. Will need a bit of restoration anyway so will clean it up, poss next wekeend and give it a good grit/polish to remove the crap/yellow shite. And then do the spray properly. Below pic looks awful tho lol. Hasn't quite come out well through the picture.


New wipers as the old ones were smearing all over the shop. The back one is also a bit smeary and starting to split so looks like that will need to be replace soon.

Also had a Blackvue now for a few months in the car now. Front and back. Bit expensive but good so far and brilliant picture for the front. Just need to tidy up the wires down the pillar eventually. Everything else is pretty neat through the car as its under seals/under the seats.


Went back to the bodyshop today. Been quoted £500 for:
Front sport bumper spraying.
Fogs colour coded.
Back badge spraying.
Drums & calipers painted.
Splitter fitted.
Spoiler re-sprayed (im mega ocd and paints flaking at the edges towards the roof)
Bonnet sprayed. Been advised to get a new one as repairing this one would take far too long and to costly. Its not bad but not the best.
+ all fitted.

So im now on the hunt for a bonnet, fog surrounds and inner arch liners (last 2 i've hopefully reserved from a lad who breaks cars).

Also cheeky lil cold start up vid. Ill get a couple of drive bys in the summer.