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project laguna coupe

  laguna coupe
hi thanks i have 19s and 225 on front and back with 15mm spacers on front and 20mm on back you may have a problem with it rubbing with the 4 wheel steer im unsure thats why i got the 2 wheel steer model but as far as ride its not changed it much
Looks awesome dude, googled modified laguna coupe and yours is the only one i found lol, getting a 2.0 dci 150 next week :) Where did you get your springs from ? yours looks spot on, as i dont want to go with coilovers again
  Laguna coupe GT 180
Hi Guys,

I am new to this but got myself a Laguna Coupe 180 GT a couple of months ago and want to lower it. The only thing I am not sure on is as it is a model with the 4Control, does it cause any issues?

Thanks, any advise is appreciated.

  laguna coupe
Been a long time





Just having few more coats of clear coat then be time to fit glad this bits done right pain to get the grill off

Hey! Can you please tell how did you succed to take off that front part of laguna coupe - grill?
I was trying but I could separate half of a car and wasnt able to remove the grill. Can you please tell me what should I take off to get to that grill. Thank you
  laguna coupe
yup remove the front bumper and basically fully strip it down apart from the headlight wahers and it is just clipped in
  Laguna coupé
What is wrong with you guys?!
this is a nice looking car!

hello liquid force,
i also drive a laguna coupé.. The monaco gp version of it.
unfortunatly, i live in belgium, and the vehicle inspection is very hard to pass.. (Lowering and all of that sh!t)..

i have a chiptuning on my car (150 hp => 192hp).
i also have new wheels : butzi gt-hs black 18"
what are your wheels now? 19"?
I've ordered a new suspension : 35mm front and 40mm rear.
these are the most legal lower springs i could find.

Your front is much more agressif now!
how did you made your headlights so dark? A folie or plasti dip?

I realy like what you did with your car! Maybe except that blue line.. But that's all your taste man!

looking forward to your next modification!

keep up the good work!
  Laguna coupé
Maybe a idea to wrap your taillight to? And the renault badges..?
can i ask you where you bought your exhaust pipes? Looks very nice!!
get a window tinting! White + dark is awesome!
  Ph1 172 and Ph1 225
Did I just see you in dewsbury? If it was you that car looks so good in the flesh. Different man

I like it
  Laguna III
Hi, Andrew of Poland . Beautiful design . I have a question ? What darkned headlamps front . Is the film on the windscreen is outside or inside? This is a film for windows, what shade?
  monaco gp
hi is it still possible to get the spliter also what are the black thingseither side of the bumper where can i get them
nice job
thanks lammy1234