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Question about engine cover screws

  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
When I got my 172, the engine cover was separate as it had been removed for painting and the screws lost.

I assume they are allen key - socket head screws.

Can anyone confirm this, or even better tell me what length and size thread they look i.e. M6's


  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Hmm. Torx would be hard to get hold of off the shelf. Depending on size it might just be possible to replace them with socket head ones.

If anyone has spare I'd buy. But at the moment I don't even know want size or type if unwanted to try n buy some screws in the shops.


ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
Yeah they're torx screws - pretty sure the tool to remove the engine cover screws are a part of the spare wheel kit. they're the two silver 'sticks' i think.
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
might be able to gaage the tread size of the torz size on that tool then.. not sure if e.g. a t4 torx equates to an M4 screw though