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question about leather for 172/182 owners

  Ford Fiesta

Have you used auto glym leather cream care?

Just bought some and thought Id ask on here before I use it. Does it change the colour/feel/texture of the leather?

how bad is it if it gets on the alcantara?


  Renault Laguna Coupe

I use normal leather cream like you use on a leather suite. It works well, keeps everything nice and supple. Just wipes off the alcantara.
  Ford Fiesta

havnt done it over past year since I got car. Nice day agian today thought ID be better putting something on it before it dries out and cracks?

never tried the auto glym stuff, should imagine it will be ok?
  Ford Fiesta

sport 182 where did u get your avatar coolart from?

I am wanting a poster of the 182 in blue like that.

  106 GTi

I dont like the Autoglym Leather Care as it dries patchy. Gloss in Parts Matt in others..

Im using this. Its cleans and protects.

Einszett Leather Care

Brought from here

Dries evenly and retains the natural look, and is non oily or greasy which some are. Got a small amount on the alantera by mistake and it wipes off.

Tried lots of leather products over the years and this is the one.

Quote: Originally posted by Liam182 on 19 March 2005

sport 182 where did u get your avatar coolart from?

I am wanting a poster of the 182 in blue like that.

Sorry mate I have been looking for the website all afternoon. I found it by chance. It was only a thumb nail so not big enough for wallpaper.

Thought It would make a cool avatar. Ill keep my eye out for you though. I work shift so have nothing else to do tonight :)
  Ford Fiesta

yeah thats good.

just somewhere that does them in posters, maybe with 182 wheels?

where did you get that from?



ClioSport Club Member

best stuff to use for cleaning leather is baby soap parents have had 2 leather 3 piece suits and the sales bloke told my mom to use it and i have used it in my old focus and it cleans well and it shouldnt damage anything else it gets on