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  E36 M3. 182
why is it that when you go on the internet looking for quotes, then ring the company to confirm it, the price goes up?? got a quote for a mk1 172 on from greenlight for about 950 ish, then phoned them and it became 1050! then asked them to quote me on my current car, and they said they wouldnt quote me because it isnt fast enough!! im 23, had my license 18 months but got 2years ncb, thought the quote for the 172 was good but mystified as to why they cant give me a quote for my 1.6??:S
  RB 200 Cup!
sounds a bit weird!

quotes online are cheaper as the running costs of an internet site are far more reduced than a call centre full of people
  E36 M3. 182
tell me about it!! went on money supermarket and got quoted 1300 for a mk 1 172 valued at 4.5k and 600 for my 1.6 valued at 3k. went to greenlights site and got quoted 950 for the 172, so thought maybe theyd be able to beat the quote hor my 1.6. apparently not!:S
  RB 200 Cup!
insurance is the biggest con around mate - but im not gonna be one o those t***s who drive without it - necessary evil i calls it!