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Race with rover.& Merc.... *pics*.


Not sure which rover it is (im sure some of you may know from the picture below) but pretty evenly matched, actually in 3rd it pulled away slightly, trheir pretty fast, anyone know what they are? there stats??

Also had a really fun race few days ago when it was dry and sunny, merc tried very hard to keep up but didnt stand a chance on the corners, i was hammering it in every gear and he was very surprised!

Took the picture while i was caining it so not that good. Not sure what merc it was but he had a bloody good go ill give hime that, back end was stepping out all over the place!

Pics taken by new panasonic, pictures come out much smaller than 7650.


Well i was surprised that the rover got ahead - fair play to him as i know my valver isnt a slow one, anyone know the stats of this rover, it was probably the turbo...

Cheeky f**ker didnt know he had a turbo!:eek:
  mk2 172

about 200 horses, 0-60 in high sixes, then 100 in about 18 ,props why he took you out top end!

lol @ cheeky f**ker

i use to own one and went to a santa pod on a rover day, they are very under rated, as std the coupe turbo is 197bhp ish... good for 150 and 0-60 of about 7.0secs the non turbo is about 8.5sec and top bout 140ish

fair play aaronc, those 220 turbos are rapid!! its good to see someone admiting defeat, rather then blagging a story about how easy beat he was etc..You done well to keep up as long as you did, serious those 220 turbos are rapid in a straight line (better figures then a 2wd escort cossie) but they corner like a boat to make up for it. :)

nice to see a good report with pictures, good onya mate.

Well it looks like it, i havent played around with it too much yet, but the quality is very good in the day actually matches the 7650 in daylight but at night or atificial light its not as good, BUT the zoom function is very handy (used it on the 2nd pic in my mirror) and the quality is still good.

I dont really mind the pics are that small on GD87 cos its a nice phone and works well. There are picture settings on it but havent played with it yet, its on JPG Fine on those pics above which seems to be the best quality on the phone.

For an every day phone i like it more the 7650 cos its more personal, in the way that you dont need a breifcase to carry it around with you.

Ill give it 8 out of 10.

Oh yeah any of you lads not getting the ladies at the moment get one of these, the birds love it after youve had a few too many and switch the camera on and start snapping away - my picture collection of random women on nights out is progressivly growing! lol

yeah right ive had some very scary moments with the GF!

GF "whos that?"

Me: "errr...thats my mates bird",

GF: "why is she in the picture kissing your cheek.....?"

Me: "sh*t thought i deleted that one.....!":eek:

**aaronc gets silent treatment for at least 1 hr**

Nah its not a tomcat, that was a special edition i think based on the racer version.

The 220 coupe turbo was actually the fastest FWD tested by Performance Car years back, they got 0-60 in 5.9!

Driving fast and taking pictures at the same time, that takes skill!
  VW Potato

"Driving fast and taking pictures at the same time, that takes skill!"

...or something else beginning with S...:cry:


So what engine is in the special edition then? A good mate ofd mine ahas a 220 coupe (they are the K series lumps yea, same as the ellise??) i can sit with him when running 6psi. A little more and i destroy him. Wouldnt mind a go at a tomcat to see how i fair

I raced one of those Rover turbos onto the A127 and have to admit it was damn rapid, made me feel like a plum, until I realised he had a turbo, just didnt like being beaten by an old Rover...... :(