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Right first of all reasently when i begin to accel quickly when the car gets to 4000+ the bloody hand brake light comes on.


Secondly what makes the needle on the speedo vibrate its pissing me off it never used to do it then when i started running it hard, it started (might have been me, me thinks)

some one help please.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think the speedo needle problem is the throttle cable, im sure i heard it can get kinks in it and if you replace it the needle should be smooth again
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Try this with the hand brake.

While driving get a mate to hold the handbrake down towards the floor and see if this still happens !

I suspect all it maybe is the handbrake light switch that is under the handbrake maybe worn..

ive tryed loads of things, when i break the now i get gr8 scrubbing from the back brakes and im guessing it could be a build up of crud making a connection, ive tryed the thing you said and the only prob with your theory is that the hand brake has to come up about an inch b4 the light comes on, so i dont think its in the inside of the cars problem (its not as if the handbrake is moving inside and making the light come on i mean).

any other thoughts


Hey up Brun, me again. Any chance you can give me more details on the wobbly speedo, mines always been like that, I just thought thats how they were!

Id be grateful if you could e-mail me in a bit more detail @

Is it an internal thing or the accelerator cable, because my cable is knackered anyway, so I have a new one, or is it a "dash out job"?

dash out prob me thinks which is pissing me off because ive just finished putting it all back in.doh

dont matter to me im selling it soon for a valver but like it in some knick for the kid that buys it.

hmmmm the car does vibrate alot i thought it was that it only seems to do it sometimes not always, and not always at 4000+ it did it when pulling off in 2nd so it could be the vibrations.

whats that involve.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Try cleaning the - terminal where it connects to the battery and the body work. Also have you tried clean the switch on the handbrake ?

that involve lifting the carpet. not hard just cant be f***ed doing it right this moment but when i get a chance ill give it a go.

i think it might just be the switch.

there is only the one switch and its in the car (am i correct)

  BMW 320d Sport

your car isnt lowered is it? If its too low at the back and then you accelerate and it squats this might affect the brake bias valve thingy and somehow make the handbrake light come on?
  clio 20v

the wobbly speedo is caused by speedo drive cable

i think there was a post about this on rsc forum not so long ago

i think sum1 put a post up like brun said it gets kinked and doesnt move smoothly

i wouldnt bother unless its really bad mine does it a bit but goes away over 40mph

handbrake light doesnt just mean handbrake on it prob is low brake fluid