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remote from standard 182 hu

  BMW 120i Sport

Managed to get a "rear left/right to RCA" converter from Halfrauds for £6 which will allow me to connect the amp/sub to the standard headunit, but this poses another problem - how to wire the remote on/off from the amp to the standard headunit - any ideas?

Bit stumped on this one, but ive not had the headunit out yet.



the headunit should have an output cable for connection to Auxillaries such as amps, aerials etc... But without taking it out I cannot say for definite.
  BMW 120i Sport

To the best of my knowledge, the standard 182 head unit doesnt have this?

Im thinking that if the remote from the amp just requires 12v to signal an "on", just splice the remote cable into the power supply for the head unit so that once i switch it on it turns the amp on?

Id be interested to know too! Currently got a half-decent 4-ch amp sitting in the garage unused but cant afford to upgrade HU. Not expecting excellent SQ using one of these connectors, but it must be better than standard.

Big G: dont think splicing into the HU supply would work - Id image this will be a constant power, i.e. theres always power supplied to the HU whether its switched on or not. But I could be wrong - I aint an electrics expert LOL.

The connectors on the back of the stereo are to an international standard (ISO). Look on the net for a layout of the ISO connector. There shold be a pin for an electric aerial or similar you need to connect it to this one. The easiest way to do this may be to buy a male iso to female iso connector and splice the wire into that.
  BMW 120i Sport

I noticed when i removed the standard head unit that there is a wire connected to the corresponding "remote" on an ISO block, so ill give this a shot.

Just bumping this topic back into the spotlight...

Anyone had any success getting a remote for an amp from a standard 172/182/clio headunit? Am wanting to use an amp with the existing headunit, only problem I can see is where to get a remote from to switch the amp on.

Anyone got any ideas?

  182 Full Fat

Ive gone for the different approach. I pulled the roof lining down by my aerial stump and took the feed off the connector in the roof. Its easier becuase its at the back of the car where you want the amp to be located. The aerial only activates the remote signal when the radio is switched on, and so the amp only switches on when required.

However, I fitted sub/amp to standard stereo of the birds mini cooper s and it seems the aerial is always on when the engine is running, but when engine is off, the aerial is off until you manually switch on the radio. So i know it works, just that its permantly on whilst car is running. Any suggestions on how to overide this and only have amp go on when radio is on????