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Removing C172 rear spoiler - how

  VW Potato

Troops, my C172 is being a piddly puppy at the moment. The tube that feeds the rear window washer nozzle has detached from the nozzle - spray rear window and the water trickles over the very right of the glass, not the swept area.

sO, i try to fix myself, which requires removing the rear spoiler. I unscrewed the four screws holding the rear spoiler on (two either side of the tailgate), but could not budge the plastic locator pins. Scared to break them or even the danger of smash the rear window, I have to give up. Damn.

So, how can I take off the rear spoiler to fix my leak? What tools do I need to move the locator pins?


  Lionel Richie

Undo the four screws, and the just keep pulling up on one side till it pops. Use a tugging (no jokes everyone!!!) motion if you get what i mean????