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Renault 11 1.7t in 16v

  190 BHP Willy 2

My friend who is a mechanic knows of the whereabouts of a renault 11 1.7turbo for £400. the car is complete but has had a massive rear ender the bloke has done a fair amount of work to the engine and is claiming 190bhp on a engine that was re-built 18k ago (my mate re-built it)

Can anyone tell me the standard power figures for a 11 turbo? and how easy do you reckon it would be to fit?



to start with these cars were 1.4ts and not 1.7ts (as they never made a 1.7t)

They came with 105bhp as standard (same as the mk1 5GTTs)

Im not sure if Renault ever made a 1.6ltr turbo thou (as in the fuego) but thats going back a bit


they did make a turbo conversion using the 1.7 block....and its even less reliable than the 1.4....not that the 1.4 isnt reliable, but the 1.7 turbo is!


Out of the factory Renault never made a 1.7ltr turbo, they made 1.4, 1.6, 2ltr and 2.2ltr turbos thou.

They would have used the 1.7ltr turbo over a 1.4 ltr in an R5GTT if they had done but there wasnt really enough room in one of those for it lol!
The 1.6 turbo is the closest you would have got, also the fact that the 1.7 wasnt a good engine to turbo (but the block is probably the same as the 1.6s)


um....i didnt mean Renault

i meant the likes of 5 alive, BB tunning and other 5 turbo tunners.
  190 BHP Willy 2

done some research, your right it originally was never a 1.7 but a 1.4. this one has been converted at some stage in its life, is definately 1.7 though.

i found the following comment about the car:-

This car is really a nice performer, leaves behind almost every car from its class, consuming fair amounts of fuel (unless you dont floor it too much)... handles like heck.. Fortunately the spares are cheap, and once you can fix things on your own, and become independent from sh*tty Renault service, running this car becomes really affordable.

After 12 - 15 years of service - it may become dangerous - the engine performance is still the same, but the key systems become highly unreliable.

The general opinions about the original engine seem to be stay away from lots of different reviews. But then this engine obviously isnt standard. i m confused about what to do now :confused:

  190 BHP Willy 2

ive been told a 21 lump will be too heavy and id suffer a lot with serious understeer with all that weight in the front.

Has anyone got any experience of this conversion? if so was the handleing affected in anyway?

I had originally thought about the 21 engine but was put off, i dont want a gt turbo engine either. If i cant fit a more powerful engine then it might have to be a full rebuild on mine at hp, then a squirt of nos ;)

Renault 1721cc F-series block was used in Volvo 440, 460 and 480 turbo models. It was designed by Porsche to Volvo. Model in Volvo range is B17FT.

is this the same design claim style that hyndai made withe the porsche designed coupe!!! LOL

yeah, the left tracking rod end!!!