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Renault clio 182 OMP steering wheel fitted now have airbag and service lights on?

  Renault clio 182
Hi guys just joined the forum today so do go easy on me if this is a common fault. I have had my RS clio 182 for a few years now however no decided to have a little play about with it now it's been my daily runner for the last few years now so now I have brought the newer RS clio 197 and got the RS 182 in the garage. However last month I decided to purchase the OMP GP steering wheel with the boss from the old ebay gave it to a local mechanic to fit it on however I have the airbag light on obviously due to having no airbag fitted and the Service light is now on aswell. The mechanic told me the airbag and service lights are on due to having no airbag is this true? So he advised me that he will get some resistors from the old ebay and fit them in for me which he did and the service and airbag lights go off for a minute and then reappear. He connects the resistors on the airbag connectors and tries to mask them up in tape so they don't fall out however we are not having much luck with getting the airbag lights off so hence why I have posted a thread on here. I have had the diagnostic machine put on to the car and it's coming up with the following fault codes

- 072 driver front airbag circuit 1/ 072 driver front circuit 2

There is no fault code for the service light

Is there anyone on here from the West Midlands who could perhaps sort out this issue for me or could perhaps shed some light

Any help would be appreciated

  Fiesta ST
Which resistors are you using?
I used my rstuner to deactivate the drivers airbag, no problems with lights.
Maybe there is someone close to you that can help?
  Renault clio 182
Adalis BTM ain't working on these cars no more no more buddy I spoke to Fred the other day on his mobile how did you deactivate the clip buddy


ClioSport Club Member
Oh! What's he doing now?! I last used him in April for belts on my cup.

It was James Stone that did mine, using Renaults Clip I think. Was only £40. But, I don't think he's trading anymore either!
  Renault clio 182
Not sure buddy he was local to me got his number from google search his landline number rings but no answer if you ring his mobile number he answers yeah he stopped working on the clio's which is a real shame
  CursedTitanium 182FF
You need 3.3 to 3.9 ohm resistors, you can get them from Maplins, code is M3R3 or M3R9. You will need to bend the legs of the res over double to make them fit better in the airbag connectors.
I did the maplin resistor trick but triple folded the ends for a really tight fit in the connector. Then one of my connectors sheared off so stripped back the srs wire and soldered the resistors straight on.
  Renault clio 182
I think I may have got it sorted a friend of a friend recommended a chap called Sean Edwards a renault specialists based in birmingham so got it booked with him on Monday hopefully get it sorted much appreciated guys once again for all the advice well worth it where have I been on this time lol will update the post hopefully on Monday
  Clio 172
Just a note if you are going to use a resistor in line with an airbag loom your best fitting with a fuse too. In the event of the airbags or pretensioner going off it will blow the fuse and not the ecu.
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
If the airbag is being deployed though that means a trigger line have been "fired" so the ECU will need service/replacement anyway, irregardless of a fuse being inline or not.
  Clio 172
If the airbag is being deployed though that means a trigger line have been "fired" so the ECU will need service/replacement anyway, irregardless of a fuse being inline or not.
Now that is very true, didnt think of that! Plus im sure on a car our ages, if it was to deploy the airbags the insurance company wouldnt cosider it cost effect to repair!
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Yeah, these days the car would be written off rather than repair and replace components and trim panels. I don't know anyone that has actually replaced an SRS Controller after a deployment. The price of them is ridiculous when £35 can have the CCD removed, effectively resetting the unit.
  Clio 172
Totally agree with you. A dash, trims, ecu let alone the airbags would write off most cars! Ive always used a fuse for personal preference as i consider its a fail safe if any current is left in the circuit.
  Renault clio 182
Hi I got it sorted now by Sean Edwards I had to get the horn wired up to the resistor or something been told it would catch on fire if I didn't get it done also had the wheel alignment done on it happy days got no warning lights now loving it