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Renault Clip Favour

  500bhp Scoob
I'm wondering if I could be really cheeky and ask if anyone has a renault can clip I could borrow for all of half hour (or less!), as the car I've just got my other half needs the injectors coding (1.9 dci megane) after the last idiot who owned it tried to fettle with the ECU and managed to erase all the codings

Currently it won't rev past 1200rpm, so is completely undrivable.

I was hoping to have the use of a Launch X431 to recode them instead, but that has fallen through.

I'm based in Gillingham (Kent).

Much appreciated :)
  500bhp Scoob
Thanks TEG, Alex did get back to me but I've now managed to sort it out by re flashing the ecu.