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Renault considering return to WRC

  Ultra Red Megane 175
Awesome news if this were to come true!

"Renault has been tipped for a return to top-level rallying, as the company scales down its involvement in Formula One.
The French giant is now involved in Grand Prix racing principally as an engine supplier, with the former Renault F1 team now known as Lotus-Renault.
The sale of the team to investors has freed up a sufficient amount of budget for the manufacturer to look at other forms of motorsport: specifically rallying. A new two-litre Megane Group N car will be homologated early this year – the most powerful Renault rally car since the legendary Maxi Megane of the 1990s – and the Clio R3 one-make series has also expanded its reach. Renault recently homologated an R2 and an R1 Twingo as well.
Renault is currently conducting a feasibility study to consider a possible entry onto the WRC – most likely with the Megane Coupe or next generation Clio – which would allow it to compete head to head against volume rivals such as Citroen and Ford.
A source close to Renault said: “In some shape or form, Renault has always been involved in rallying, but the change in regulations certainly make it easier to participate at the top level. The prospect of being represented at every level is very interesting for Renault.”
The French manufacturer, which has recently made some key new appointments in its motorsport department, is set to finalise its strategy in the coming months."