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Renault Laguna BTCC Super Touring Track Car Project


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  Alpina D3, AC Cobra
Really to get near the mad days of BTCC you need to have a K20 or Duratec 2.0 in it. Sadly the F4R just doesn't have the ability to happily run the 250bhp+ you'd need.


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  172, VRS, Clio 5


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  Clio 172
Oh man! I’ve thought about doing this for so long! Are you going full Nescafé graphics?? Excitinggggg


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  clio cup race car
From what I remember from back in the day, these engines were restricted to 8500 revs , and the nissan had the most powerful engine at 316hp , bloody good going back then


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So had it up on the ramp today as I had a spare 5 mins and I'm a happy chappy!

Its a very solid example to be fair. Love the AST suspension thats been fitted too.

Hopefully come the start of next week ill get on with breaking the 182. Once the engines out of that I can get the laguna engine out and check fitments etc.

Plans are in action with Sam at arc for the cage come the start of April.

And yes in answer to the above questions it will be getting the full nescafe graphics treatment.



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For everyone interested i will be putting the 182 up on the wider sales pages for parts tonight. If anyone here would like bits drop me a message. everything available other than the engine, loom and running gear.



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So. Progress!

Thats the engine out of the 182.

Also over the weekend managed to purchase a set of KTR ITBs complete with gen 90 ECU.

Not sure how to beging on getting the laguna electricals to speak to the gen90 but thats part of the learning curve.



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  Mazda 2, Ph1 172
Why not just use the Clio dash/clocks in the laguna and make a separate loom for the ancillaries?


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  Alpina D3, AC Cobra
What’s the highest you can rev a de-stroked, uprated valvetrain F4R to?

No reason, just asking....
If you long rod it with some solid lifters there's no reason it won't do 9k.

You'd be about £10000000000 into it though.


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  Alpina D3, AC Cobra
So approximately 0.0001% of a late 90’s super touring manufacturer team budget then, got it. 😂😂
Yeah haha they were mad old days.

Oddly the outputs there were seeing could be had for £20k out of most engines these days. 160bhp/litre from N/A isn't so impossible anymore.


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Spent the afternoon starting the strip down of the laguna. Really happy with the condition of the shell overall and im amazed how weighty everything in there is for a 90s car!

The car is booked in on 1st April for its cage so its nice to have a deadline to work with for that.

Still needs the dash out, sunroof out and carbon delete fitted and the fuel tank out along with doors removed and windscreen out in prep for the cage.



ClioSport Club Member

I got a couple photos of the cage progress from sam at ARC today and so far so good.

Im also having him do a flat floor on the rear whilst its in with him so quite a good bit of work going on.

Im taking the cup racer seats down on monday next week i think to do some seat bar fitting which will suit me then its booked in for an interior paint shoot the following week.

progress :)



ClioSport Club Member
Sam has been studying photos as best he can of the super tourers cage so its going to be pretty close to that.

next big step after paint it so get the 182 engine in and running but before then id really like to find a gearbox with a diff and FD sorted. so if anyone can locate one id be very grateful!


ClioSport Club Member
Fair, just noticed it in those pictures and didn't know if you were going to get it filled in properly or blank it off or put the glass back in.
The whole thing weighed about 25kg so it's defo not going back in! The lad next door to me makes Custom Carbon fiber parts so I think I'll ask him to sort something


ClioSport Club Member
So that's the cage finished and what a job Sam at ARC has done! As well as the MSA spec cage which has plenty hints to the original super tourer cage I've also had the spare wheel well cut out and replaced with a flat floor along with the rear seat brackets drilled out and removed and then front seat tubes welded in.

Collected at 9pm yesterday and dropped off for paint 10am today. The seats are also being changed from the god awful pea green colour.