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Renault megane 2002 - 2009 keyless unlock fix free 100%

  Clio 182 FF
I have been replacing all the keyless lock buttons on my partners megane whilst doing it I check the sensors for the keyless entry (unlock when hand is placed on handle without having to pull it)
I have found out why on most meganes this doesnt work.

From the factory the handle has a little chrome sticker on the inner part of the handle to help the sensor on the door work. Over time these stickers fall off the handle and leave behind the adhesive therefore the sensor can not sense a hand.

In order to fix this simple pull the handle towards you with one hand, and with the other feel the back of the handle in the centre you will feel a circular part which can sometimes feel sticky , scratch this off with your nail and I 100% guarantee it will work everytime you place your hand near the handle, ensure all the old residue is remove, only do it with your nail not with a screwdriver or anything sharp, it will take 30 seconds each handle and you will have this function working again and wouldn't of post a penny. It should work on all megane mk2 including sports as handles and sensor are all the same

I will upload a photo, no need to remove handle I only did this as I was replacing the buttons for keyless lock too. I also replaced the original chrome sticker so you can see but it works perfectly without this anyway so not needed.

Hope this helps