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Replacing head unit in 197

  Red Clio 197
Hi Guys,
New owner here. Desperately want a new stereo in my 2008 197 to allow me to use my Ipod. I'm getting a Pioneer MVH-8200 and looking on other threads it appears I need a fascia from a Megane to ensure no gaps - is this the right fascia?

Also, I have no rear speakers, which appears to be normal on a 197 - I've seen JL Audio Evolution TR525Cxi's recommended, will they fit straight in the rear?

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  Nimbus R27
Yes that's the right facia adaptor.

You'll have to check the rears, as if you look at some 13cm speakers they have 4 tabs around the speaker for mounts, and 2 are usually cut/filed off to fit the renaults 2 x mounting holes. The jl's you refer to don't have tabs, but a bigger lip around the whole speaker. You'll have to measure it's size compared to the hole in the rear cards.