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rev counter markings again - sorry

  VW Potato

I see renault now has a specific brochure dedicated to the C172. And the dashboard pic has the RHD cars red line start before 7k on the rev thats all ok then.

Sorry to bring that up again

BTW - I saw at least three lovely 172s at Goodwood with ClioSport stickers on them. Saw a blue one with fab wheels and a private plate parked next to a silver one I think. And my 172 was only a few rows back!

  VW Potato

geoff, pleasure!

I think the private plate was on the silver car and it was indeed something like jaz or jas, I cant remember now.

Did you see the red Clio V6 go up the hill? Nice!!

I got really badly burnt in the sun. Looked like Id been sat in an oven for an hour when I got home! Traffic home was a mare; great day though!

  Silver Fabia vRS

We both have private plates but Jas is slightly better than mine!

Missed the Clio V6 but watched the Espace F1 doing dognuts at the top of the hill after it run.

I passed out (literally) on Sunday night from dehydration!