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Ring Road - emersons green

  M4 LCI, A3, ZX10R
Spotted a Sliver 'RX02' PhII, 172. - PhI silver 172 - 'WR52' Blue 172 Cup about 8:00 last night on the ring road by the Beefeater and Sainsbury's

Also this morning I saw a red MkII V6 with a Private Plate on the M5 by Cribbs, spotted it a few times now.
  Clio V6 255
The red V6 would be me!!! on the way to work.

Traffic is really getting worse with uni back in action :(
  M4 LCI, A3, ZX10R
Your car looks awesome on the motorway, it stands out a mile.

I know the traffic is really bad on the ring road in the morning trying to get on the motorway.