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Rolling Road Day @ RSTuning - Videos

This is Part 1, containing 6 cars... Jacko172Cup, Kev182Cup, Crispy.clio, Gaz., Whiteley and Daz Clio Cup.


Part 2 to follow... :)


ClioSport Club Member
Why was the silver 182 running low on power then? That airbox does more harm than good?


ClioSport Club Member
is Daz's running correctly?

good video though, cant beat the sound of throttle bodies

  Astra SRI/ Hornet
I had to find the video on YouTube, wouldn't work for me on here. Good job though, being patient and filming every1's cars.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Enough of the Clios. Who's is the Evo outside at the start? ;) :cool:

Whiteley - any idea how much your car weighs, m8? Must have a pretty good power-to-weight?

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  Whichever has fuel
I'm suprised the MG didn't do the headgasket....

Oh, Hi Gaz! ;)
  e91 330d/type r mini
Lucky fecker! A good target performance figure for a VI too - not too mad.

yeah i have driven it a few times its deffo a quick car hes got brand new 6 pot aps up front and 4 pot ap rears so it stops as well as it goes :)
This is Part 2, containing 6 cars... Hutchie, Realnumber1, St3ve, Dave88, Topgeartom and Gray.


I was going to do the 'non clios' seperate, then realised I'd already included Gaz's MG lol. Anyway, as a result the only seperate one is Jamie Rigbys...

  S4 Avant
Nice little summary of the day!

I was very impressed with my result. "Gained" 7 bhp just by putting various bits back to standard!
  E92 M3
good vids. kev good results from standard. hutchie u happy with yours?

grey nearly 190!!
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