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RR Result...

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

At Cheltenham on Sat, my Clio got 159 @ the fly, 121 @ the wheels... Seems ok, as it got 163 @ fly and 129 @ wheels a couple of mths ago...

But... Sats graph indicates the max rpm was 7130 rpm Funny, as my car redlines at 6500 rpm.. on the 163bhp result, the graph shows max rpm as 6490..

Also torque on Sat was 118 lbf-ft Was 141 lbf-ft last time.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

depends which one was the accurate one, a few places now change the results so you will be happy, which is stupid cos u need to see the real results so you can build upon it and next time see what affect its had

Yeah Lou,

My printout says around 7100rpm as well yet my limiter is set to 6900!
Thats why i think the results were a bit dodgy for the non 172s as the machine was not properly set up for them, i was down on power but was expecting it so not too worried.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

This compunds my theory that most rolling road equipment is wholly inaccurate and really only there to please people who use them, so they come back.

A dyno is what you need.