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RS2'd 182 Clio Cup

  A45 AMG 406BHP
Hola cliosport

Some of you may know me but i used to own this

Was my first RS and was great.

I always wanted a RB 182 but it never really happened.

So I was doing abit of searching and found one!
I never liked the FF versions due to the washers which pretude the front bumper:dead:
so the car had to be a CUP!

The seller said he didnt mind delivering it to me....... Winner.

On the test drive, it decided to all of a sudden hesitate and ecu light started flashing away.

I quickly found out it was a misfire on cyc 3.

I still went ahead and purchased the car anyway!

So here it is;



Sorry for the s**te car pics-

So new bits to get it running correctly;
  • Valeo coilpack
  • Ngk R platinum plugs
  • New HT leads
  • One new injector




and its now running :)

Already bought/done some other bits
  • Silver Turini with Yokohama S drive tryes(literally new) will to be sprayed a lovely shade of yellow ;)
  • Scorpion decat to suit standard system
  • New rear exhaust mount- to get exhaust sitting straight
  • F1 team stickers
  • Corbeau Pro series seat(Carbon weave back) & Raldes passenger seat
  • Takata Green harness
  • eye bolts and spreader plates
  • Omp subframes and omp sidemounts
  • Gaz Gold coilovers- fronts current sent to gaz for refurb!
  • Standard New updated renault topmounts
  • Removed Acoustic valve
  • Braided Fuel lines and sytec fuel filter and clips from DT




  • Hopefully find a aftermarket exhaust?
  • Enjoy it:evil:
  • Buy a cheap Sport engine and learn about the engine and working on one.
  • Aftermarket induction
  • Rs tuner map.
  • Powerflex bits
  • Braided lines


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
Re: PH2 182 RenaultSport

You do love a clio ;) Look forward to seeing it all come together!
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Re: PH2 182 RenaultSport

Taking longer than expected though! haha

Fitted my rear gazgold coilovers. Fronts have been sent to gaz for a refurb!

seats are in!

Service bits & cambelt tools bought too!- thanks to West renault for the quick delivery!
  • Cambelt kit
  • Aux kit
  • End caps
  • Dephaser pulley
  • Cam pulley seal kit and bolts
  • New crank pulley bolt
  • New middle exhaust mount
  • Oil filter
  • Cambelt tools from renault-Genuine

Nifty stickers!

Skoda splitter


new oil baby

also ordered some other bits.

Fin part 2
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Re: PH2 182 RenaultSport


Mid job........


New dephaser

Gaz gold with new dampers


New top mounts( updated version)

Kept knocking like mad!

So had to revert this



Have fitted the new rs192 and custom decat

Finished, the belt change wasnt that bad! Now ive finished though ha

The rstuner was very easy to use and upload.
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Re: PH2 182 RenaultSport

Had my alignment finally done. Now running -1 degree camber! feels awesome.
Need to play around with damping setting, as earlier when going around a corner, it seem to bounce abit?

Ordered few more bits too!
Also fitted new induction setup
Rep ktec with a old pipercross foam filter which came with a old engine i had



FCS stickers removed from old car!

ill be keeping my 182 cup wheels for spares :)

Hoping to buy

Whiteline rear ARB
Sabelt steering wheel or equivalent

few other bits which ive bought but i havent taken pics yet!
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Re: PH2 182 RenaultSport

Cheeky little update:

Carbon Trumpets are porn!

So the above must mean



Also ordered fairly big carbon object.

Jobs- Check pads and bleed brakes with ATE Superblue fluid. (hopefully get rid of the awful fade im currently getting)

I may fit the RS2 too pending weather.
  A45 AMG 406BHP
RS2'D RB 182 CUP


Bled the brakes with Superblue brake fluid- OMG its actually blue, a neighbour cared to tell me:rasp:
Bled all 4 points with the eazibleed kit, wasnt that bad, had a leak at first but sorted it in the end.

Im still get some pedal travel though??


Fitted the RS2 too, took longer than i expected. Some very awkward bolts!
Found out it was a ported head( ph1)????



Nearly finished


Will be running this filter setup


I havent got solid engine mounts at the moment- i wont be driving the car so no need till i find some second hand.
;) Anyone? ha

Plans are-
Get some new pads as i feel the ones on the car are crap( looks loads of life left mind)
Get solid engine mounts
Aftermarket steering wheel and boss maybe?
Stick standard 182 wheels back on
and spray the turinis grey or black....

Oh and re-insure it & tax it

PS form over function in the engine pictures ;)
  Clio 172 Cup
Are you Aaron off Sax-p? Or along the lines of? I think I bought the 266mm brakes off you for my VTS (which I was really pleased with)

lovely looking car!
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Looking good :). Where you planning to map it?

Thanks! think i will be going to RS-tuning up in leeds?- Need to get engine mounts :(

Are you Aaron off Sax-p? Or along the lines of? I think I bought the 266mm brakes off you for my VTS (which I was really pleased with)

lovely looking car!

Yea thats me! not allowed to change my name on herethough ... Ah glad you where happy with them dude. Did you sell the S in the end?

Keep thinking i should sell the clio, as i genuinely dont use it as im at university
Last edited:
  Clio 172 Cup
Ahhhh yeah I sold the S! I only use a car twice a week so decided I wanted a 172 Cup, which is actually lots better on fuel than the VTS was
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Get a good price for it? Good decision, whats your plans on the cup? i could be interested in your 2118s!
  Clio 172 Cup
Price was alright yeah. Will give it a proper check over tomorrow though to see if it was actually a good price from what I saw when I viewed it. Its a lot better than my old cup though :)

Will PM my plans so your thread don't get clogged up with my rubbish :p
  A45 AMG 406BHP

Recently bought a carbon bonnet, but it ended up arriving with broken upper edges and few other little marks. :(

Looks like the edges had pierced the box and ended up dragging on the floor :( So im waiting for this to get sorted via paypal currently.

Happened on both sides of the box :(


Bonnet overall

New steering wheel

Whiteline Arb

Solid engine mounts and RB sprayshack touch up paint.

Also broke the airbag wiring too :( s**t

What tool do i need to remove this???

New throne ! and harness

Will be selling my corbeau pro series with carbon kevla backing.