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Run out / gathering 1st july


ClioSport Club Member
  renault clio 200
Planning a run out / gathering to hartside on the 1st July.
everyone is welcome meeting point is at Chester park at 11am leaving around half past leaving time incase people are late.

Route roughly will be as follows:
I'll post the full route as a route on Google maps for people to use.

Address for meeting point :
Chester Le Street Riverside Sports Pavilion, Riverside South, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3SJ

Address finish point :
Alston CA9 3BW heartside cafe

Hope this catches on.


ClioSport Club Member
  renault clio 200
Yes it's still on I'm hoping for a good turn out for the north east lot


ClioSport Club Member
  renault clio 200
Just to bump this back up today is still on.

Meeting point is a pay and display car park as I found out last night on a quick run through to check address this could be a problem if it is a problem please let me know.

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