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Sav's Clio 182


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  Its A Turbo...
Hello all, I've been a long time member but not posted on here since selling my Clio DCI back in 2012. But I'm back. I'm an avid track day goer that has a boosted MK2 golf all sent up for track day's. I've recently been over to the ring and the car just didn't have a good time, over heating etc. so the bold decision to rebuilding the car better cooling and more power (who doesn't like more power)

Track photo
by Josh Savage, on Flickr

Any way what does this have todo with a Clio? So with the above there will be a void for the next couple of years while it gets build. with this I decided to get a Clio cheap and cheerful track day car. With been in the Clio scene many years ago I was itching to get one now that I could afford the running costs. I went with a 182 in titanium with what I believe both cup packs

New Clio 182
by Josh Savage, on Flickr

it came with limo style window tints and 6x9's in the parcel shelf that didn't work nor were connected. regardless I rocked it as a daily for a little while

New Clio 182
by Josh Savage, on Flickr

So the basic plan is

- get rid of the smoke smell in the car
- de tint the windows
- polish the headlights
- sort rear wheel bearing out

- service, plugs, oil, filter etc. - including gearbox oil
- Shocks and springs
- half roll cage
- bucket seats
- 4 point harnesses
- new wheels 15" and tyres (NS-2R or similar)
- new discs and pads, with some better brake fluid
- smaller steering wheel
- something with the exhaust as its loud

for those into YouTube do Vlog so feel free to check it out. will keep them both up to date

*on the video I sound depressed, it was a long day I'm normally more cheery


ClioSport Club Member
  Its A Turbo...
In two years you won't want to track the golf again!
Your not the first person to say that, but there is something about a old car been driven quick which is why i'm rebuilding and not just selling
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