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Screen names for Brands!!

this may sound really sad.. however i thinking as this is going to be such a monster turn out it maybe an idea to write our names and place them on the dash board!! atleast that way we can see who car belongs to who.. and wont be for ever introducing ourselves!!

what do you think?


I got my domain name on my sunstrip... Thatll do for me. You all know it, right? :D




If we have stickers being made, then Id have one - although, as I said above, my sunstirp gives it away.


They were done for the drag strip, just an A4 with the cliosport logo and the forum name underneath it.

Now, would we want forum names or proper names or both? and where am I gonna get a list of both from?

hehehe well, as long as nobody wants name badges to wear as well LOL

Ok, lets get a list together, and Paul, youve just started it off!

Now thats an idea, I can run off loads of blanks and just have a few black marker pens.... Hmmmm saves alot of typing and waiting :)

mine will be easy to spot in a crowd !!! due to the f**king huge dend in my drivers side rear quarter that the fairys left
  BMW 320d Sport

Well mines easy - Nick Read means exactly what it says! I should have gone for something more hardcore like Master of the Universe or something. Maybe we should do the old thing of putting our cards in the front next to the tax? Oh actually then you dont get the forum handle then. OK what about everyone do a piece of A4, with forum handle and real name on it.

aaronc - My number plate sorta give it away as well

Ill print as many as I can, but Ill fetch down enough blanks for everyone, so that every car can have one on the dash.
  7.6cc :D

Yeah, if anyone should miss the large Jilly Bs on the front and rear of my car, i shall be the Jill written somewhere upon my person! :D

My number plate sort of spells Lucy LxxxHCY , but thats not my name so dont get confused ;) Plus i think there are only 2 black valvers going and mines standard so thatll make it easier :) But id like a signy thing still please :)

I still have my CHAVY BOY SPECIAL LABEL from York so I will also use that, it is a bit creased but I will sort it out ! Looking forward to it now !