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Scuffed Alloys on Cup

  LY R27

Has any body experienced alot of scuffs on the Cups rims. I know I have not scuffed them on kerbs etc (top of rim). Anyway I put more air in the tyres thinking lack of pressure must have caused this, but no result!!!

Any help or advice????

Is your car lowered? i know someone who had his car lowerd, fair enough it was a huge drop, and he scuffed his rims going up a kerb and even going over a speed bump/

how bad are the scuffs? couldnt be caused by grit and stuff on the road?


my mate had this problem although he doesnt have a cup, his missus used to borrow the car and used the audio parking method when parallel parking (im told this is the method favoured by many women(cringe)) more scuffs appeared every time she had used his car, hhhhmmmmm ?

someone had to and far be it from me to be PC, i say bring on the femenist retalliation (heads very quickly towards nearest exit);)

Get them repaired at chipbusters and keep away from the kerbs. The rims on the Cup protude past the tyre so it is very easy to scuff them.
  7.6cc :D

For your information oh sexist ones!

In 6 years of driving, 4 cars and no accidents, i have never ever so much as marked a single wheel, all my cars have been sold with as new immaculate wheels! :D