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Shorter wheel bolts for alloys

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

My long awaited alloys arrive on Monday (woohoo!!) and Im getting some new bolts as part of the deal. Im a bit concerned though that I may need to get shorter ones because tonight I was helping my bro fit some 17s to his Bravo and the bolts at the front went through the hub and into this metal plate behind meaning that the car wouldnt move!
The bolts themselves were the same length as the old ones but had less of the wheel to go through before they got to the hub itself. Is this common or does it sound more specific to the type of car??

Hope this all makes sense!!!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

not sure mate, but i got a brand new set of bolts from Renault for £50, and that included some really good locking ones, which would usually cost probably £30 on there own

they fit on my alloys fine