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Should I sell my car in pieces?

  Clio Baccara i.8 Auto
Hey all, Im currently trying to sell my M reg 1.8 Clio Baccara but with absolutely no success. When i borrowed the money off my parents to buy my new car I thought I would get it back to them within a week but 6 weeks later I still havnt sold the clio!! I hunted this car down so thought others might too ....but obviously not!

Anyway I just wandered what others would think about selling it as parts rather than as a whole? Ive been advised the Baccara leather seats might get me a few hundred quid by themselves but I dont really have the heart to pull a perfectly good car apart.

Pictures and info are on the Sales forum (forth page in) if anyone has a minute to take a look and throw some advice my way.

Thanks, Laura
  Chocolate Bar™
depends whether you can get the same amount of money for it.

im aiming to sell my clio but am slowly stripping most of the modifications off it, because not only will i get money for them, but its going to make the car easier to sell. if you dont fancy dropping the price to get rid of it then you need to split it really.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Maybe you should drop the price, from what I remember it was quite highly priced and Im afraid other than the leather there probably isnt much money to be made from stripping an auto :(
  Clio Baccara i.8 Auto
Hmm maybe..... Ive got it up for £1500, What do you think would be a sensible price? I tried a Used Car guide and it said £1700 private for the auto initiale of that same age but didnt have an option for the Baccara.

Looks like i'll be selling it to a garage for a few hundred quid after all - I probably should have part exchanged when I had the chance.

Thanks for the posts :)
  R35 GTR
oi! wait till i see you kully.....I'll show you what i can do with the stuff in that picture i sent you.