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Silkolene Oil Offer !!!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

guys, ive managed to negotiate a discount with Silkolene, if we buy a case of 4 then they will give us 10% off

is anyone interested, if so, email me and post here !-">

they do Pro S in 5W-40 which is perfect for 172s, and Pro S in 10W-50 and Pro R in 15W-50 which would both be suitable for other Clios

the price of a 5L container would be £34

im willing to organise it all, and you could all pick it up from me, in Bury maybe

No worries, it is only £3 anyway ! Yeah I changed it and it seems to be smoother than before, may just be in my head tho. Sounds a bit different too. It does heat up a lot quicker tho which is good.

well, ill be up for it......

anything for a 1982 MK1 XR2....1.6 pushrod....BV head, and N20?

what would u use?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i always use fully synthetic, id recommend the Pro S 10W-50 or the Pro R 15W-50