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Sod it!

Cant find my last post to see if anyone answered or not..Just booked Squirt in for complete front end re-spray with alloy silver paint on top grill, round fogs & do the bottom where I kerbed it. How are you all? Is Wongy, Tony etc ok? Can anyone make Sunday up the beech this week? Laters peeps xx
  BMW 320d Sport

Lot of members are either at Goodwood for the festival of speed or at Max Live this weekend. Ill be at neither if my Clios not fixed yet!


hiya girl how are you and your owner
i cant make it sunday as im a bit bust for afew weeks yet.

however make sure you come to southend on the 3 rd of august ok. show your new resprayed cutey front end


Wongy....hello matey. x
Me & Squirt will deffo be at Southend Aug then. Missed you all. How is Ivan & the gang?? xx Was down at R-Tech today & some bloke was having 19s put on his MK2. He was a real nice chap so I told him about this site, said he might look it up. He had travelled 150 miles to get these wheels fitted! I thought they looked a bit too big to be honest but horses for courses.
Laters xxxx
  BMW 320d Sport

I gotta see that...19s are the way forward definitely. Shame on anyone still thinking of 17s nowadays, even 18s are just a starting point.

Saw a Bimmer on 20s the other day, it was just mental.


like the sound of what youre having done. do you know how much that is going to cost?

i met another 172 driver at halfords today, and he was thinking of doing something similar.



I toally agree Geoff, they do like sh*te, it is like a man thing again, the bigger the better!! Is it something to do with worrying about another department not being big enough? I mean look at the size of some exhaust outlets... 17s suit the 172 well I think, because it aint in your face & screaming "Look at me, I may rub all over the place & it dont actually help my handling & my overall weight has gone up but what the f***, I look the daddy"
O.K, off my soapbox now. But it does get me when everyone is judged by the size of thier equipment