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Some f**king tw*t Done This.......

  Black Clio 182

i went out on sat nite and parked in a carpark, come back to my car at the end of the night and some dickhead had ripped my spoiler off and has dented my bonnet. went to the police about it and they have looked at the cctv camera and found nothing on the film so nothing is going to happen. im not very happy about it.


the damage:


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  Vee dub

Sorry to hear that

Unfortunatley modded cars will always attract the wrong type of attention.

Shame you didnt catch the thieving scum bags

  The Beast MK4

Unlucky man, I hate hearing about this stuff. Dont know what possesses people to do these things. Hope you or the authorities get the pricks! :mad:
  Black Clio 182

they didnt even nick the spoiler, they just ripped it off and lobbed it infront of my car, dented my bonnet as well the f**ks. there are about ten dimple dents and marks on my bonnet.

im thinking of writing to the council as whats the point in cctv if it does f**k all. i mean this was a quick job surely so the camera must of seen summit. i parked where they cud see me.

as said over on kruizers, s**t news mate, but now its an excuse to get someting that suits the car a little more, and is far more subtle

ill have a word with gary in the cctv control room, see if he can let me have a look at the hard drive to review the tapes, any idea what time it happened??

the cctv is recorded on time lapse, so will only record an image every 3 seconds, if it was on live spot, it would record everything, but usually as an operator you would be searching either residential areas or the town centre. please remember the kettering cctv control room has over 80 cameras yet only one operator, its almost impossible to catch small crimes as well as do all the other duties, such as reviewing tapes for police etc.

unfortunately, certain crimes will always go undetected, its just unfortunate that you happened to park in a car park that is only checked every now and then
  Black Clio 182

it was between 9:30 and 12.

i have posted a new topic about spoilers as im not after a new one. i want to see what there is on offer. like bryan said want a nicer smaller one.

i fort i would have to have a new base plate but after some sanding down and a bit of filler it now looks half decent.

thanks for the replies people.
  GDI ???BHP Cliosport172

Im really sorry to hear that. Got the same spoiler on my car&someone tried to rip it off once but failed! Its jealousy because its no use to anyone now. They should bring back the old laws&cut off peoples hands-then you,d have a society of armless chavs.

we did tell you to loose the spoiler a while back but that is taking the piss hard luck fella

ive got a 172 spoiler in silver , brakelight,washerjet. let me know if its any good?
  rsturbo and a xr3i

thats terrible really sorry to hear that i hate leaving my car anywhere if i can help it i dont leave it
  MKIII 138

TBH its a very imature and mean thing to do but then again drink usually makes people insensetive and aggressive. i would never do it but there is such a disrespect for modded cars which i can fully understand.. as they are loud and offensive to the eye..

i.e all the modded cars on cliosport with bodykits or huge exhausts get so much stick and insults its untrue. the cars are after all designed to attract attention surley that spoiler has no real aerodynamic benefit ??

so what im saying is.. if i saw that car id laugh at the spoiler.. it has absolutley no point at all whatsever ?? its upto you modify your car and people will think your a chav and we all know how much burbery wearing sterotypes have been stirred up by tv and the papers to the point where someone with genuinly no idea of fasion or perhaps much money is shouted at for being a chav and has their car damaged. its unfair but you look so stupid that it encourages people (not you)
  Stanced Honda S2000

unlucky mate. its crap when u cant leave ur car anywhere. its the uk. its sh*te. full of chavs.

ill be moving abroad when i can afford it (retirement!) less crime, better mentality.

hope u get it sorted mate. the thing is tho, they cant even use that spoiler again tho can they cuz they made such a mess.

id keep an eye out for a clio with a new spoiler mate with a few chavs!


  Audi TT Stronic

unfortunatly its just another one in the long line of Clio vandelism that we see on here.

You could always get a whaletail fitted, park it in the same carpark and wait in a dark corner with a baseball bat ? not that I would condone such action.
  Black Clio 182

i was going to get a new spoiler like ive said but it still pisses me off that someone can damage my car and i cant do anything about it. its not just the spoiler that is damaged, the bonnet has got loads of marks on it and dents so thats pissed me off.

2863: you got a pic of your spoiler?
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Thats a lot worse than my bonnet - 2 grass-holes jumped on before christmas and only 1 has paid their agreed half and six months on, Im still doing the merry dance :mad: Worst of it is - I was in the car at the time! :eek:

That spoiler you had on was cool, Im gutted for you - hope you get sorted out ok!