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Speakers randomly cutting out!!!

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

For some reason my front door speakers keep switching off. It doesnt need to be over bumps or even have the car moving, to get them to come back on I need to turn the volume up much higher. They then work for another random time then switch off again. There is no crackling or hissing whne switching off and the tweeters still work all the time.

At first I thought it must be a loose connection but I want to check what else it could be before ripping it all out to check it all. Im running an Alpine CDA7893R HU through a Alpine 4 ch amp which is only using 2 channels atm for the infinity 13cm components with the crossovers under a false floor.

Just a bit confused that its either on or off and vibrations dont seem to make a difference.



check the wiring, normally quite a common problem

also, check that the magnet is not coming into contact with the doors at any point, for some erason with certain speakers it stops them working

One of my door speakers was doing this recently, and it turned out to be a burnt voice coil. they would come on and off independantly. Just a suggestion!
  Twingo 133

My speakers have been doing something simular to this recently, when it does it try and move the speaker and see what this does?

Itcould be something shorting out on the back of the speaker.

Check wiring again to make sure... Also have you checked amp to see if power is going on this when problem happens?

Could even be the earth on amp?