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Spec me some spacers - Clio 182

  Arctic 182
Hi team Clio Sport,

I've trawled through loads of threads but couldn't find something specific to my spec.

I've got two sets of wheels for my Clio 182; Trophy Turinis and 15 Team Dynamic 1.2s (i'm not sure of of the offset, but pictures below), the TD's will be used on track so i want a spacer that doesn't cause any handling issues.

Car is on Eibach Sportlines and cup shocks.

What would people recommend? I don't want any scrubbing or handling issues and would prefer a spacers that accommodate both the TD's and Turinis.



For your turinis I'd say 20mm front 15mm back but seeing as we don't know the offset for your 1.2s then I don't know if those spacers would work well with both sets of wheels.