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Howd you know its a mk1 interior, i think it looks just as much mk2 ??

I dont mind it, black is the wrong colour in my opinion though. Gold wheels are getting a bit passe too. You must need huge spacers for that kit though which isnt a good idea. I wonder if its a genuine 172? It would be interesting to know how much he spent on must total near to V6 money..

Anyone noticed how the new mitsi evo 8 has the same nose as the new clios? Wannabes!!

Rob, it is a MKI or at least it would be a MKI in the UK as the centre console where the time and temp are displayed on the dash and also the vents are definitely MKI as the MKII time and temp display is more flush with the dashboard but as you can see from that pic it is higher than the dash. That is what I think anyway ! May be totally and utterly wrong......

Oh yeah. BenR told me that the MK2 clio cup racers are actually mk1s with a new style look, maybe this is the same?

The front looks good, the back looks cheap and crappy though.

LOL @ Fred !

I dont think I like the look of it but then I like the Super 1600 Rally car, dont quite know why that is tho !

Random Welsh Bloke !