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Speedline 2118's and Sportline springs - Does it look ok?

  Impreza Wagon
I really want a set of 2118's for my 182 however I'm only running sportline springs and I'm worried it won't sit low enough on 15" wheels. Has anyone got any experience of this setup or something like that?
  Impreza Wagon
I think it sits fine on 16's however the 2118's only come in 15" :(. I don't really want Turini's as everyone has them but I'm also bored of the standard wheels and have two sets of them!

Someone must have run this combo at some point?
  RB 182
Same setup as mine after I sold my coilovers. The fronts look alright, it's the rears that look a bit funny. They don't stand out so I wouldn't worry too much, just save up for some coilovers at some point in the future. You could always puta few heavy objects in the boot to lower it ;)


ClioSport Club Member
I also looked at this option some time ago, came to the conclusion they were too small for anything less than coilovers, I may be wrong though.

Pictures are required.


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
I forgot to take any pics of mine on sportlines and 2118's. It looked embarressing tbh.
  Impreza Wagon
Saving for coilovers isn't an issue I just don't want them. I really like ride height and comfort that you get with the standard shocks and sportlines.

What would be my other options for wheels then? I'm still tempted to try them out however I know I'll be gutted if it looks like a monster truck!


ClioSport Club Member
i have a few pics of mine when i got my 2118s when it was still on sportlines. here are some pics to give you an idea of the gap





  Impreza Wagon
That's great thanks for the pics, it's about how I expected it to sit to be honest so that's good :)


ClioSport Club Member
I think it looks ok, but they do look best when coupled with coilovers.
  Impreza Wagon
I agree they do look better but I'm really not keen on sacrificing ride quality for lows. I think I'll give them a go and see what happens, they'll be better for track days (when I finally book some) as tyres will be cheaper anyway.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
It looks great to my eyes - an actual usable everyday height - shockers....


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Or get your Eibach's adjusted like I did so you don't break your back by fitting coilovers (only done the rears for now - fronts next month). Not 15s but you get the idea:



IMAG0205 by foodbeast04, on Flickr



IMAG0274 by foodbeast04, on Flickr


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium Ph1 172

I've heard of this guy, he heats your springs and compacts them right? What's the ride quality like with the modified springs fitted?

Looked at his site...

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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Indeed. And yes I'm sure the site is taking a cheeky swipe at us car geeks. I'm not arsed my Dar sits great now and nowhere near as harsh as coilovers