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Spotted! A V6 clio in derby with a dipsh*t driver in it

First time ive seen one and i have to have one, they look superb. Unfortunatly the one i saw had a dip sh*t in the drivers seat, on his phone steering with one finger, he nearly rear ended a peugeot justice.


Pete, Do not order one till U can be sure it is the new model (out Soon)

Spoken to too many dealers who have had orders cancelled when they have driven the 172. The extra 10K just was not worth it.

New one has loads more powre and will be significantly faster than 172, which it is not at present (apparently)

I can only go on dealers and Autocar on their 0-100-0 runs. I would prob. say dealers are a good source for this one.

Good luck


its 10 bhp up...

i.e. 4% at flywheel & 3% (if your lucky) at the wheels

What a load of bullsh*t.

U can buy a 172 - save 12k & not look like a t**ser

i think they only reason they gave it the extra 10bhp and put it on a small diet was so they cup wasnt a faster car
  Clio Dci 86

Autoexpress quoted a 10bhp increase and AutoCar quoted 260bhp, as for people having seen these MK2 V6s out on the roads...well Im surprised as not even the the car mags are anywhere near getting one for guess no one really knows as yet.