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Spotted Cup....


Im back after a nightmare week in Nottingham(are those SPECS cameras breeding??), anyway...

On the way home I spotted a Cup on the M6 around junction 26, with about three ppl in it, anyone here?

Also I spotted a MK2 172 going south on the M6 just south of Carlisle.

So thats 2 172s in near enough 700 miles of driving, I lost count of the amount of Cooper S!!

Nice to be back!!:D
  mk2 172

ah, while your here mate what kind of terminal speeds are you getting in your motor?, as i think the speed detector (not the actual times) at the three main places are different.

A bit strange really.

On one of my runs I crossed the line on a 15.1 at 95 MPH.

The other run was 2/100ths slower than your time at 90.2.

  mk2 172

exactly, theres a kid with a punto at crail that crosses the line at 93 or more mph and only gets 15.3s, and its just got a bleed valve, so either a punto with about 150 bhp tops can accelarate faster than 99% of 172s after about 30mph or theres summat fishy goin on.
  mk2 172

hmm, research confirmed, there is definately something fishy with that speed thingy, crail is a few mph up on york, or yourk is a few mph down on crail, whichever way you look at it.