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spotted in motherwell, sunderland & whitley bay!

  mk2 172

been about a bit this week:-

yesterday black 172 in pc world cap park sunderland X5*6 XGR, had renaultsport sticker on door

black valver in whitley bay reg K4* YRN

also silver mk2 172 N*02 PGZ also in whitley bay

best thing i saw is this beemer i keep seeing in scotland with the reg plate "16v" would be awesome for a valver. seems to be about every time im there


  mk2 172

im from doncaster mate but im up and down britain like a yo-yo, had a few confirmed spots on various forums in my time too.


ps, you from noth east i take it?

North Sheilds, sometimes see GeordiePaul about.

GP, got your car back on the road yet? I havent spotted your (or another other 172) car recently.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

yeah car is back on the road!! And like a dream it is too and with only 50 miles on the clock!!!!!

Though I have had a postcard form the dealer to say thay my scuttle guard is ready for fitting. Didnt know I needed one, until I took a look under the car!!! Nice of them to tell me!!!