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Springs - 182 standard to cup

  Clio F1 197 (Black)
what springs can be used to lower a 182 standard to the same level as cup 182's - all info wil be great
i think the 182 Cup's springs are marked red/white (someone would have to confirm)

aren't they only 3mm lower, though? or is that the 172/Cup difference?
  Clio F1 197 (Black)
cool mate - how far of the exact level of a cup would these springs bring the car too?


Cup'd 182's sit approx 3-5mm lower than a non-Cup'd one.

I think the main difference is in the shocks and strengthened front hubs.
  Renaultsport Clio 182
go for sportlines mate - nice subtle drop on standard shocks. that's what i went for anyway. sits alot better now and less body roll so all's good!
  Clio F1 197 (Black)
cheers mate - so the 30mm ones from k tec will do the trick! thanks for the advice
  182 has now gone!
I have Eibach pro lines, which have lowered the car, but not alot.. I would say go for Sport lines
  Black RS200
my NONE cup 182 came with cup springs, or they are the same?? because when i went to Renault they gave me the part number for mine, i went back a day later and asked for the cup springs which they gave me the same part number?? As i couldnt make up my mind now due to this i decided K-tec was the best bet and off i went :)