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Squeak from the driver side whilst driving?


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  Clio 182
Hi all,
Was coming back from the shops when the engine suddenly started squeaking but still drove fine. Luckily I was literally a minute away from home so pulled up home and found a bolt on the floor that was exceptionally warm that looks like it had sheared and have its head rounded quite bad. Has anyone had a similar occurence, I've looked around the visible aux belt and alternator area but nothing is glaring me in the face.
Bolt size seems to be close to M8 but couldn't run an m8x1.25 die over it though.
Any assistance would be much appreciated



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  Clio 182
Thanks @M90SR, are they're any other nearby locations that might have dropped a similar bolt, plan on having a look to confirm tomorrow


ClioSport Club Member
There are several on that end of the engine. If it’s not water pump it could be the casting around the bottom pulley which also has those types of bolts.
None should ever come loose though and are going to be very difficult to get to without quite a bit of stripping down. You may need to remove the engine mount and jack the engine up slightly to get to them.
(Or drop it down slightly)

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Could have been a nightmare if it’d gone under the aux belt and jumped it.

It looks like the bolt’s worked it’s way further out from not being tightened properly and been rubbing on the pulley. Hopefully hasn’t ruined thread in the block too (looking at the thread damage to the bolt)

I’d be getting it recovered to them if you’re close enough just incase others weren’t good too.


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  Titanium 182
Had my belts done today and the exact same bolt was missing out of mine. It has sheared clean off inside at some point.

The guy doing it said he's seen loads that have done the same, so it seems a fairly common thing for some reason.