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Stalk adaptor W reg 172

Hiya guys,

Ive got a sony head-unit i wanna fit in my new 172. Its a W reg so 2000. From experience what the best adaptor i can get to allow both stalk and display functionality to be transferred.

I have just been looking into this for my 03 172 and have been sold an autoleads kit. Apparently it will do the display and stalk controls.

I would love to know how it fits as the instructions seem to imply i have to take the steering column cover off and half the dash, anyone fitted one of these kits and advice as im going to give it a bash on saturday??
  Nike Lunar Elite's

Dunno about the mk2 ph2 but I know that on the ph1 you cant get the display to work, you retain the time but lose any radio, song, etc deatils

Can anyone else confirm this. That there is no way to use the display from a mk2 ph1 with an aftermarket head-unit?