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standard 182 cassbe cd player question

  arctic 182 ff
hi,ive recently purchased a 182 cd player for my ph1 172,now am i been thick but i cant find an option to adjust the fade of the speakers front to rear.does this unit have that option ??? or is it just me help appreciated thanks.p.s i dont have the manual for it.:(
  arctic 182 ff
ive tried that mate it just goes bass treble balance no baffeled tbh i know my rear speakers work as ive tried it with another unit.:(


No, lol I was just making sure we knew which H/U you had as there's a couple under the Cabasse name. Have you PM'd Burp to ask if it worked in his car?
  arctic 182 ff
yea i did he was only running front speakers in his as it was stripped out in the rear.i only noticed today as i had people in the back since fitting it last week that the rears are not working.