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Standard Audio Questions & Help

I have just bought this off Ebay to put my car back to standard for selling>>

As my car was an import it didnt have the changer.. but its the right headunit.

What i would like to know is 1) is it the right changer? 2) will i have the right leads to connect them up already in the car? 3) If not.. how much is the changer lead?

Also.. Is this changer any good?

Thanks in advance peeps :)


  RS 182 - Black Gold


as long as you get the right lead and changer you will be fine...

I dotn have a 172but if i remmeber wasnt the changers a dark grey colour?? (someoen with a changer mite help??? )

Lee was removing or messign with hsi at one stage. he may post up or ask him.

I wouldnt even bother if it doesnt have the cable.

There was a forum member a while back with the same problem and I dont know if he managed to find a cable that VDO unit. The unit is the one sold by dealerships and no part number exists for the cable so youd have to contact VDO for one. I cnanot imagine theyd sell one for less that £50 with all P and P added.
The changer unit can come from two places the officail Renault one is black and the one fitted to most 172s as it should be fitted at the factory.

However dealership fitted ones either from the option list to normal cars etc can be purchased from whoever the dealership wants this moel of changer is popular as it cna be made to fit other Renaults with just a different cable so is often the one they buy and fit.
  Ford Fiesta

that was me edde.

NO there is no where in the UK that sells the cable for the VDO 6 disc changer. Only way would be to buy a cd changer pack at £300 but thats just mad.

we ended up buying a black cd changer the standard factory type and buying a lead form renault, at £85!!!

dont do it.

I have the dealer supplied cd changer as in the link, its the VDO CH600 unit with the wire. If you can find a wire it will work with your unit, (as it is doing in mine) but as above doubt you will.
  Ford Fiesta

ive got the renault part number for the alpine cable if you need it. but as I said above you wont find a cable for the vdo units.

Liam - The VDO in the pic above. Did that come with your car then???? Im a bit confused lolol ... What was the alpine u were talking about 4 or 5posts up?
  Ford Fiesta

right here goes

In my last clio a dynamique I had a vdo ch 600 6 disc changer along with the tape deck, the same unit as above.

When I changed to my 182 last year I said to saleman just fit my vdo changer into the 182 save me some money. He said ok, then when car was due he said they cant cos they couldnt get a wire for the unit. (Id left the wire in my old dynamqie) Ended up paying £300 for a whole new vdo pack new changer, and new wire. If Id have known that id have ordered the 6 disc changer to be fitted at the factory, i.e alpine one.

So I ended up with new vdo unit in 182 and a spare vdo changer with no wire.

My mate buys a new 182 pre regd no changer, we decide to try and fit my spare vdo unit to it, spend ages trying to find a wire, end up buying a alpine wire thinkning it would work. At a cost of £86 from renault! doesnt fit. Cant find the correct vdo wire anywhere, renault wont take alpine wire back. So buy a Alpine unit off someone on here and use the £86 wire.

I still have a spare VDO chnager.


the bracket above is the one for the alpine unit, when dealers fit the vdo ones they stick it to the bracket as its smaller than the alpine one.

When I fitted the alpine unit to my mates I used the bracket off my old vdo changera dn it screws in to that one.
  Ford Fiesta

typical, I couldnt find one anywhere, tried vdo themselves too.

well if anyone wants to buy a vdo changer now then at least they can find a lead!

It was actually VDO in Birmingham that gave me the part number.. I did have to virtually force it out of him though lolol