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Steering wheel squib - how to get it off please?

  Ph2 Flamer

Mangled the ribbon wire in the squib while getting my wheel off and now have a new squib to fit.
I can get the wheel and airbag off and all 4 of the 4 visible torx screws in the squib off, the screws holding the console on and the screw at the back of the squib which looks like it holds it to the steering column. But it won't budge. Anyone changed a squib and know what I'm missing.

Also I can't get the bottom part of the steering column console off as it's sticking on the music/radio thing that sits below the wiper stalk on the right of the wheel. How the hell do you get it off cos I cant see any clips or other ways off getting it off.

  Ph2 Flamer
Next thing is how do I remove this. I've got the spare pictured and the broken one insitu. I've taken all the screws out I can find, and the two wiper stalks become loose and can be taken out of the assembly. The wheel is off and the airbag. But it doesn't want to budge. Is it a case of giving it a bloody good whack or am I missing a screw of circlip somewhere??

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  Ph2 Flamer
Well I've now managed to do this and have created a full picture guide from removing the air bag, wheel, wiper indicator and audio stalks, removing the top and bottom casing around the steering column and removal of the squib. 60 views and no suggestions so am assuming the guide might help some people out so will try and find a way to get it up on here but its 36mb at the mo.