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Stolen 172 Sport

  Sinclair C5
My Clio sport was stolen last night along with my wifes Astra sxi from Heanor which is between derby and nottingham..

they broke into my house about 2am this morning while myself, my wife, my 2 year old son and my 5 day old son were asleep upstairs. They found both sets of keys and along with wallets, camcorder and a few other things took both cars.

clio reg en02 wrt (black)

astra reg fd52 wby (black)

if anyone is local i would appriciate any help if either car is spotted etc.

the clio had the sticker in the back window so they are probably reading this :-(
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
gutted mate , doesnt sound like its stolen to order if they took both ? :( i had a dream that someone broke into my car again last nite... maybe it was a sign.

got any pics if so put them up
awwww so sorry to hear this!! they actually broke into your house, you and your wife must be shaken, hope your both alright, wish u all the best with finding both cars! main thing is you wasnt harmed, and your children are safe! all the best!!
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Thats s**t.At least they werent after anything else and your families ok.
I hope they catch them and they end up in a cell with a 7ft black guy called mary



ClioSport Club Member
I'm over in Belper (wife teaches in Langley Mill), so will keep an eye out for you. Probably heading into Nottingham later, so will keep an eye out for you...

As said above, hope they get what they deserve...
  LY V6 with Recaros
Sh*t, sorry to hear that, you must be shaken up knowing they were in the house, at least you are all ok though. I hate hearing stories like this, I hope they catch the b******s! :mad:
  Nimbus Clio 197
exact same thing happened to me mate. BUT......they apparently found the guy who did and got my car back. although i'd already been paid out by insurance
  car? need a license 1st!
Ah man, thats bad news :( Sorry to hear it.

Like everyone else said, at least you and your family are ok!

Hope they catch the f*****s. Scum like that need throwing in jail and left to rot.
  Sinclair C5
thanks for all the support, especially from the local guys.

they have found both cars, just going to check on the clio now.
  172 cup baby
2 junctions down the a50 from you,sorry to hear bout it but like^^^^^said prob long gone by now.


ClioSport Club Member
warine_warrior said:
thanks for all the support, especially from the local guys.

they have found both cars, just going to check on the clio now.

Good to hear they've been found (I was looking at every car nearby when I was out earlier hoping i'd spot them for you!) - were they still nearby?

Hope they're not damaged... or, if they are, that the thieving scum got damaged in the process!
I'm sorry to hear this but glad the car's have been found, I know that the invasive feeling is far worse than the material loss, it'll pass once you've spent the money that you were going to spend on performance mods on locks and alarms instead.

Are the car's ok?
  Clio 172 mk2
Sad, sad times when you have to worry about this king of s**t.

Glad you go them back though...hope they are okay
If anyone ever has a car go missing put a pic of the car on Ebay in for sale section showing pics of the car and a big stolen sign with reward leading to info - thousands will see it
  Sinclair C5
hi, i took a picture last night of the clio at the storage depot but im struggling to attach it, the clio is fine cosmetically but because they stole both keys and they have not been returned i've got to have new keys and the cars brain replaced which is a few quid so i've been told. I'm going to see the Astra this afternoon.

Wife has took it hard which is understandable, burgular alarm being fitted today.


  LY 200
^^ bet she has, nothing worse than someone being in your house grrrrrrrr hope everything is ok :)