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Stolen 182

  A Beautiful R32
Scott182 said:
Pretty certain thats what i paid for it, double check when we get back.

After speaking to the insurance company they did say that i would keep my NCB tho i'm sure i will always have a total loss claim against me putting it up slightly when i come to insure a vehicle again
As it's obviously not your fault bud, then it shouldn't be a problem. They'll just probably put you on hold for 10 mins before they say, "yeah that's fine"... If they get grumpy remind them that this is the reason why you pay so much for car insurance, so that when things like this happen that they sort it out!...

The reason they probably left it on steel wheels is that they would have probably rolled it in & out of somewhere to strip it. Then they would have dumped it from the back of a break down truck type thing. There's no way they stripped it where they left it. They probably hoped the scrappy would be opportunist take it in and 'dispose' of the evidence. It def sounds like a very professional job IMO. It's obviously been stolen for a purpose. Perhaps someone's ringing a car? Or maybe converting a 'cheaper' clio into a 182?? thinking about it, are the steel wheels from another clio?

Whatever mate, I'm gutted for you. At the end of the day it's just your bad luck. It could easily happen to any of us. You car details are scarily easy to trace, and so are individuals details... In fact you can get names and addresses of people from the electoral roll in a couple of minutes for free from several internet sites.
  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
Totally stripped? :eek: That's outrageous! I'm gutted for you. Sure sounds like they were definitely on a mission, the thieving scumbags! :mad: I guess the fact it's a total no quibble write off is a blessing in disguise really, at least you shouldn't lose out financially. I know a new car isn't going to feel quite right for abit, but once you've started to put your mark on her, you'll end up loving it just as much, maybe more. That's how it worked out for me when mine got written off anyway.

Debz XXXxxx


Dont worry about you insurance at this point, i had two claims last year, one for theft, and on the second occasion i lost 2yrs NCB, with shopping around my premiud didnt go up even though i only had 2NCb and 2 claims to my name.

Only positive to take is that at least you private reg will be return to you. As mine was never found im still waiting for the DVLA to release it.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
thats really bad mate!!! disconnecting the fuel pumps a great idea! or like my pal steve-stevo172-250-he had a second immobiliser/alarm fitted by clifford gap! £600! plus he allways fooks about puting stupid steering locks on too! lol suppose it all helps to prevent these things happening! feeling for ya bud you must have bin pissed off and upset all at the same time!
182 sport said:
Mate sorry to here that...did they get the engine out of it because thats where the beef is.
Where to start...

A small amount of damage to the rear turns out to be......

No Bumpers

Bootlid and bonnet gone

Both front wings missing

Engine & Exhaust system gone

Steel wheels all round

Interior Stripped ( and i mean stripped dashboard steering wheel the lot gone even carpet)


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 320d SE
Jesus that's bad. The only plus side is that it may be written off. Like others have said, I'll keep an eye out on Ebay too. Hope you get it resolved as quickly as possible.
  RenaultSport clio 182
sorry to hear about your car scott did you have an alarm on it ? im a bit worried about my car as i come home at 2am the other night and at about 2:10am i saw out the window a motorbike come up my road (witch is a dead end ) with no lights on stop outside my house and was looking at the clio then i went outside and it drove off bit worried now .

have you got any pics of your clio ?
  182 RB FF
I know what you mean Rob, Im paranoid at the moment I only got mine Saturday and i really can't imagine anything worse. I had a couple of chavs looking through all the windows Sunday night but the dog scared them off luckily.

I feel for your scott, hope it all gets sorted quick as possible!


Yeh its sh*t worrying about you motor all the time and whether its gonna be knicked.

I am obsessive about house door being locked at whatever the time of day after my 182 was taken with keys. with the hot weather i have resorted to hiding my keys in different places.:eek:
  RenaultSport clio 182
yeah i always worry about my car i hate leaving it in car parks for too long or leaving it anywhere really people are always looking at it my sisters car got broken into in the driveway and no one heard a thing so bit worried about mine cos its parked across the road i know it has an alarm but still worry . anyone know where that switch thing is you can pull apart so they cant start it i saw somthing on ere a while back about it as when im away i would like to make sure no one can nick it . rob
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451
rob, under the rear bench (rear seat bottom) you'll find the fuel pump (big circular thing), disconnect the connector on the top of it to prevent the car being started.
  RenaultSport clio 182
Gareth said:
rob, under the rear bench (rear seat bottom) you'll find the fuel pump (big circular thing), disconnect the connector on the top of it to prevent the car being started.
ok thanks mate i will have a look for it when i go to america i wanna be sure i have done all i can to stop it getting nicked .


  big fat japanese bus
feck this sounds scary, I got my MK3 RS1600 excort stolen recovered - it was the worst week of my life

Hope you find somethign nice to spend the money on :)
  A Beautiful R32
Worrying... where do I get this GAP insurance from then?? I hadn't heard of that before...

I had a bloke in Christchurch follow me while he was videoing me on his mobile phone - and I hadn't been driving badly or cutting anyone up. He just zoomed up behind me and I could see him videoing me... or taking a picture. I could tell he wasn't texting cos he had his phone sideways and it was one of the new nokia twisty ones... :S

I instantly started worrying about him trying to trace me through my Reg Plate...
  Clown Car
Sorry to hear about you car, but looking on the bright side do the steel wheels fit over the calipers ok, if so whip them off and sell them to people as spares.:clown:

Davey182 said:
Worrying... where do I get this GAP insurance from then?? I hadn't heard of that before...
I got GAP (RTI) insurance from this lot -, £10,000, 3 year policy for £168.

You can get GAP like for like replacement cover if you are the first registered keeper of the vehicle within a certain time of purchasing vehicle.

There is also GAP finance cover to make up the shortfall if you had any finance.

Or GAP Return To Invoice cover if you are not the first keeper to make up the shortfall of what your insurer pays out and what you paid for the vehicle.

Usually there is a time limit from when you bought the vehicle to taking out the RTI cover, it maybe 3 months, it has to be from a dealer/garage with a bill of sale.

I did find another company that looks like they will cover any age vehicle whenever it was purchased, probably be a little more expensive though -

If you take out a policy read the small print carefully on what is and what is not covered as a lot of these policys do not cover modified cars, i phoned up my GAP insurer to clarify what they mean by modified because i wanted some Trophy Turinis and 4 pot brake kit, they said anything that increases performance such as ecu reprogram will not be covered.


ClioSport Club Member
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Scott182 said:
Im thinking the same thing that it had to have been lifted although not quite sure how.

I have gates at the top of the drive one is locked all the time and the other isnt, what im trying to say is its a very tight gap for me to drive in, any thing larger just wouldnt fit through and as the padlock hasnt been touched on the locked gate i dont know how the hell they have done it
Sorry about that -Assuming you dont get it back- have you got gap insurance...???

I have gap return to invoice..


Sorry just seen the above post- GAP insurance is vital on our sorts of cars....
Sorry to hear about the car mate. F***ers!!!! I know the feeling.

Davey182 said:
That's a good sign, them finding the bag... I hope they get them. Glad that no-one got hurt when they took it though, that's the most important thing. Didn't someone get car jacked at gun point for their 182 in Lincoln?

That was my 182. Mine was nicked to a robb a post office in wakefield then drove back to lincoln to be burnt out.
  MKIII 138
^ weird they usually nick scooby`s / landrovers for this task for all weather and off road ability

maybe the 182 clio is better now as its discreet and can pretty much keep pace with a scooby wrx
  Renault Clio 182
the worrying thing for me is that they have come from kent to steal the car,and how did they know where to locate you?

mine is garaged as oon as i know im not using it and if i need a car ill use the wifes,hope it get sorted soon mate.
that guy eary on in this thread who was going on about how they get the copied keys done...isnt renault making this easy for them by having that visable VIN plate at the bottom of the windscreen ?
i'm going to cover mine up with the tax disc from now on...
  182 Full Fat
son of solo said:
that guy eary on in this thread who was going on about how they get the copied keys done...isnt renault making this easy for them by having that visable VIN plate at the bottom of the windscreen ?
i'm going to cover mine up with the tax disc from now on...
Very good point, can't be too careful these days! :eek: :boring:


ClioSport Club Member
  182 Trophy #274
I wouldn't hve thought the scrap yard were involved. They wouldn't want to advertise a hot car by leaving on land near to them. Most likely explanation would be a professional job for parts (sounds obvious as it was stripped I know) I would think this was always the intention - its not worth knicking an £11k car to clone or sell on. Get Tracker on your next one, they'll know you've got insurance money coming and will likely buy something new with it.

Teach your dogs to like the taste of fresh meat also may be an option :)

White Silver

ClioSport Club Member
  Mini JCW and FRS
Get a security light as well, which should alert the dogs! Lock both gates at night and maybe consider CCTV..

Any pics yet, or news on the insurance?


Good news the car was covered in Finger prints so there is a good chance whoever took my car will be found tho havnt heard anything new on pay out yet but have been told it will seen by an insurance agent either today or tomorrow,to be fair to the my insurance company they have been very helpful (even changed my micra to an Astra for me as it was a little small)

i have got 7 pics but there on my mobile and not quite sure how to get them onto the computer!!

Already spoken to security guys about putting 2 camera's at the front of the house, as for the dogs putting them on half portions so if some c**k does decide to enter they will be hungry lol
  182 Full Fat
Send your pics to an e-mail address mate. Then from there save them to the computer and upload them here on cliosport. Glad your claim is going through ok!
  VW T4
I've been reading this thread, and I'm really sorry your car was stolen. A Tracker is certainly the way forward, it won't reduce your premium (according to the 2 insurance companies I spoke to) but it will mean your car is recovered, before it dismantled.
  RenaultSport clio 182
You must be totally gutted. Like people have been saying tho, worst nightmare is that they break into your house in the middle of the night. Any ideas what you're going to replace it with?
Scott get the police to carry out audit trails with Renaults help, for any input or searches on your reg and chassis on renaults computer systems.